Bovada Sportsbook Review - Is Bovada Legal For US Players?

After reading our legal Bovada review for online sports betting, you will understand why Bovada is at the top of the list when it comes to betting on sports on the internet. Bovada has been around for over a decade, formerly going by the name of Bodog. Bovada operates out of Costa Rica and provides many quality services for its customers. They have built a trust with the American public and you can rely on Bovada to deliver a top-notch gambling experience that is safe.

Exactly what Bovada offers and how they offer it is what can be found in our legal Bovada review, as we take on you a journey of sorts through the sportsbook to detail its features. There are quite a few different aspects to explore, and each of them is broken down into an easy-to-understand explanation about what LegalBettingSites' readers are looking at. Bovada is a great sportsbook and reading about what is available on their website - from the betting odds, to deposit options, payout choices, and more - are all very important.

Is Bovada Legal In The USA?

One of the most important parts of legal online sports betting in the United States is making sure that the sportsbook you are playing at is legal. Well, Bovada is legal for all USA players and always has been. The reason that Bovada is legal to gamble at is that they are located offshore. Offshore sports betting sites do not have to follow US laws, and that means they can allow US residents to bet on sports. The fact is that the US laws are really old and they do not stipulate whether or not you can make a sports bet online and that means it is legal to do so. Technically, you are making a bet in Costa Rica and not the USA. So, you can rest assured that Bovada is legal for USA residents.

However, because the following states have old laws against certain kinds of gambling, Bovada has elected to not accept players from these US states: MD, DE, NJ or NV.

Is Bovada Legal In My State?

As we said above, Bovada is perfectly legal for all USA residents. However, because of the trouble that online gambling sites run into with banking, they have decided not to accept players from certain states. This all has to do with banking issues though and has nothing to do with whether or not Bovada is legal in a certain state.

Unfortunately, Bovada does not accept players from these US states: MD, DE, NJ or NV at this time.

Does Bovada Sportsbook Accept All USA Players?

Bovada Sportsbook is definitely one of the best sportsbooks around when it comes to catering to USA players. They operate very close to the United States, setting up shop in Costa Rica. In fact, the reason that they are so close is to get players from the United States. Betting at online sportsbooks which operate outside of the United States is legal, as they are not under the jurisdiction of operations that would be inside the U.S.

Unfortunately, Bovada does not accept players from these US states: MD, DE, NJ or NV at this time.

Legal Age To Bet At Bovada

If you’re looking to bet on sports at Bovada, you’ll want to make sure you’re old enough to make an account. The site itself only requires that a bettor is 18 years old or older. This is due to the fact that the sports betting requirement in Bovada’s home territory of Costa Rica is 18 or older. However, some states require gamblers to be 21 years of age or older so you will want to check your state’s law before making an account. If you bet underage at Bovada you could land in serious consequences so be sure to do that extra research before you plan on placing a wager.

Is Bovada Safe/Legit?

If you don't want to take our word for Bovada being a legit sports betting website, perhaps you can view ESPN for their latest betting lines on a game. After all, that is the source most often cited as the reference for a game line. But even beyond that, Bovada has been an industry leader for online sports betting for years, providing safe and legit odds to their users + guests.

Bovada is licensed for legal gaming and is regulated by several independent third parties to ensure the legitimacy not just of this sportsbook, but of many. Bovada is the No.1 sportsbook legal for Americans for a reason. Upon visiting the sportsbook and experimenting with it you'll begin to understand why.

What Does Bovada Offer For Sports To Bet On?

Bovada covers just about every sport in the world on the major circuit. Whether it's the NFL, NBA, soccer, Olympics, golf or anything that lies between them, this sports betting site is going to have it covered. From the casual sports fan looking to wager, to the avid sports bettor, Bovada's online sportsbook will have the lines you are looking for.

Live sports betting is also a facet that has been taking off with recent technology. With this advance in sports wagering, bettors can engage in live wagers that are posted as the games themselves unfold in real-time. Bovada is one of the pioneers in this department, offering the best live betting experience that is legal.

Mobile Sports Betting At Bovada

One of the best features that we will mention in our Bovada review for legal sports betting is mobile betting. You can bet on sports while out and about when you use the Bovada mobile sports betting platform. Bovada sportsbook features a modern, sophisticated design and the mobile interface is exactly the same. You can still bet on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and other sports. Making deposits still takes less than 5 minutes and you can also request secure sportsbook withdrawals. The mobile betting platform is compatible with most smartphones and tablets, including iPhones, Androids, iPads, and Surface tablets. There is no download required to use the legal Bovada mobile betting platform. You can visit Bovada from your smartphone or tablet to get started.

What Are The Legal Betting Options At Bovada?

At Bovada you can place both straight and exotic wagers. That means you can bet on the outright winner, or you can wager on if your team will cover the spread. Another option is to bet on the game total, or you can put money on just the first half or quarter. Bovada has game lines, halftime lines, quarter lines, runlines, 1st five-inning lines, and a number of other wagering options. You can parlay your bets on different games, or even do pleasers and if-bets. These are even better than the legal betting options that you would find at a Vegas sportsbook!

Bovada Sportsbook Bonuses

When reading a Bovada review, many bettors are most interested in the bonuses section. When it comes to betting bonuses at Bovada Sportsbook, they offer several. The first is the $250 Sports Welcome Bonus for new players. When you join the sportsbook, the cashier will match your initial deposit by 50% for up to $250 in bonuses. All you have to do is redeem the reward from the Bonus page when you make your deposit. There is a rollover requirement you have to meet in order to get the full value of the bonus but that requirement is the lowest in the industry. If you act soon enough, Bovada bumps that bonus up to $1,000 in free play. Use the codes “BVNFL1000” or “BVNCAAF1000” to take advantage.

Bovada also has a bonus that is exclusive to bitcoin users. When you make your first deposit with the digital currency, you can use code “BVSBITCOIN50” for a 50% match bonus. The cashier will give you up to $500 to wager on any sport in the sportsbook. This bonus is also applied instantly to your account. Bovada also offers different bonuses at different times of the year. They also do tournaments, such as their free NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest that offers huge cash prizes.

  • Sportsbook Welcome
  • $250 - 100% match; first deposit only
  • BONUS!
  • Casino Slots Welcome
  • $500 - 100% match; SLOTS500
  • BONUS!
  • Casino Games Welcome
  • $200 - 100% match; CASINO200
  • BONUS!
  • Poker Welcome
  • $1,000 - 100% match; first deposit only
  • BONUS!

Special Bovada Sportsbook Bonuses For The NFL Season

Betting the NFL at Bovada has never paid off more, with the many bonuses and promotional offers that the sportsbook is currently offering to their players. Whether through a certain type of wager, a bet of the week or just placing wagers throughout the course of the season, there is plenty of incentive to place money on NFL games with Bovada's sportsbook.

It starts with a great parlay bonus that is referred to as the NFL Parlay Series. This is comprised of four different parts spanning four weeks in a row during October. There is the Parlay Payback on bets from October 1st through October 7th, which bettors earn 10 percent back on their parlays to place other bets on. From there, a Parlay Jackpot, Power Parlay, and Parlay Payback: Teaser Edition will be formed, with those rules laid out during the week of the promotion.

Each Tuesday during the NFL season through October 22nd, Bovada usually offers a 2-for-1 parlay wager, where a $20 bet on a parlay of at least three teams will give a player a $10 bet for the next week's set of games. Officially known as 2-For-1 Tuesdays, Bovada users will win the free $10 wager even if the parlay bet they've made is not a winner. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Bovada might have the best selection of prop betting odds of any sports betting site, and specific to the NFL, a wide selection of team and player props are formed every week during the season. In that spirit, Bovada has formed an NFL Prop of the Week that will earn bettors a free $5 mobile wager. To get in on this, bettors need to simply 'like' Bovada's Facebook page where the prop of the week will be displayed.

Finally, as if there wasn't already enough free cash that Bovada is giving away, there is even more. Bovada invites bettors to 'Survive The Season', where the potential for a $250 bonus is available. Players can earn a $50 bonus by betting every week on the NFL season where at least $25 is wagered. The maximum $250 bonus can be achieved with at least $100 in bets made during each week of the season. The bonus will be awarded at the end of the regular season. Bettors can enter at any point in the season but must meet or exceed the wagering requirement contingent upon the week they enter.

The chance to cash in on free bets at Bovada through NFL wagering continues to grow and grow. Bovada has been implementing a range of promotions for every NFL season, the most interesting of which relates to player prop lines. Dubbed the 'Prop Squad', Bovada specifies a player of the week for which bettors get the chance to earn a free $10 bet just for simply placing at least $20 on an NFL player prop for the individual player designated that week.

Just remember: All these NFL-specific Bovada promotions are subject to change, and just because a certain set of them was offered last season, Bovada could always mix things up and introduce new bonus opportunities for the upcoming season.

Bovada Deposit Methods

Bovada only offers the most reliable deposit methods, which is why there are currently only two legal deposit options available. Why bother with ten different methods if only one or two are actually reliable for USA players? Banking is one of the aspects of our legal Bovada review that makes sports betting at Bovada better than most online sportsbooks. Both of the methods below are fast and are same-day deposit methods.

Debit/Credit + Prepaid - A Visa deposit can be made through a credit, debit, or prepaid variation. The site also accepts Mastercard payments, as well as American Express. These legal sportsbook deposits go through right away for players, so they can be on their way to laying down wagers instantly.

  • Min: $50
  • Max $1,000
  • Fees: None
  • Processing Time: Instant

Bitcoin – Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that has taken over the online sports betting industry. Just obtain the wallet address from the Bovada cashier and send your funds instantly to be credited to your account.

  • Min: $20
  • Max: $5,000
  • Fees: None
  • Processing Time: Instant

Bovada Withdrawals

There are two convenient legal withdrawal methods for Bovada users. Bovada is known for being diligent when it comes to processing payouts and making sure that players receive them. The safe withdrawal methods mentioned below are suitable for all bettors. It is also worth noting in our legal review of Bovada that check fees will be waived once per month. Bitcoin – Bitcoin withdrawals are the fastest way to receive sportsbook earnings. You only need to give the cashier your BTC wallet address and you will receive your funds in no time. This legal payout method is the most popular.

Bitcoin – Bitcoin withdrawals are the fastest way to receive sportsbook earnings. You only need to give the cashier your BTC wallet address and you will receive your funds in no time. This legal payout method is the most popular.

  • Min: $ 20
  • Max: $ 9,500
  • Fees: None
  • Processing Time: 1-6 hours

Check – Checks are also a secure withdrawal method that you can trust. Bovada will process your request and mail your check via an express carrier of their choosing.

  • Min: $ 50
  • Max: $ 3,000
  • Fees: $ 50
  • Processing Time: Within 1 week

Bovada Sportsbook Support

Bovada offers customer support to their account holders through a couple of ways. One is through email, at They also have a phone number for USA players, which is 1-888-263-0000. You can also contact them through live chat messages right on the site itself.

Other Features Of Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada not only offers a safe place for legal online sports betting, but they have a number of other facets of online gambling. Bovada offers a Poker section, where USA players can play online poker and wager. Bovada also has a casino with a number of available games from blackjack and baccarat to roulette, craps, slots, and more. And if horse racing is your thing, Bovada has a racebook that is updated daily with Thoroughbred races being held all over the world.