SportsBetting Review

SportsBetting gives bettors an online sportsbook option where they can create accounts and wager via a ton of different bet types. This is a sportsbook that has a great reputation of sports odds available, as well as an industry leader in customer service. But you may be wondering, is it legal to bet at SportsBetting? Yes, it is absolutely legal and provides a betting outlet for players looking for legal gambling in the United States. There are some terrific online sportsbooks out there but SportsBetting is definitely tough to beat and it should certainly be an appealing option for you.

Exactly what can be found at SportsBetting is detailed below, so that bettors can get an idea of what to expect when choosing to visit this betting site. There are certainly some things that SportsBetting does a very good job with and we think it's important to highlight those qualities. Between their various deposit and withdrawal methods, available bonuses, and wagering options, you will be sure to find everything you are looking for at this site.

Does SportsBetting Accept USA Players?

Residents in the United States have a legal sports betting site to visit when it comes to SportsBetting. This sportsbook chooses to accept players in the U.S. located in all 50 states, unlike some other sportsbooks out there. The legal age to gamble in the state must still be met for USA players to hold an account at SportsBetting, but aside from that, the site welcomes American players.

Legal Age To Bet At SportsBetting

Within the terms and conditions of SportsBetting, you will find the age that is mandated by SportsBetting to sign up for an account and bet real money is 18 years old. USA players are accepted here, but it should be known that SportsBetting says that state betting ages must be met. Underage gambling is taken very seriously at SportsBetting, so you will want to make sure you are the proper age according to your state.

What Sports Does SportsBetting Offer?

From the standpoint of the American bettor, just about everything you would come to expect at a Las Vegas sportsbook can be found at this online sportsbook. Take for example the NFL. Game lines for each week will be available, both with the spread and on the moneyline. Not only that, a wide variety of prop betting odds, both team and player, are also on site and then there are the Super Bowl futures wagers that can be made almost year-round.

Or in the NBA, the games played nightly will have odds formed for them, all consistent with game lines like the NFL has. With the NBA having more games during the season, lines are formed daily during the year. But it doesn't just stop with the NFL and NBA, just about every major sport and league in the U.S. is formed, as well as additional international betting odds that are popular.

Odds on just about every sports league you can think of are offered at SportsBetting so you can expect to see lines on the before mentioned NFL and NBA as well as the MLB, NHL, MLS, international soccer leagues, the UFC, and a ton of collegiate sports as well. As far as wagering types, you can find straight bets, money lines, parlays, teasers, round robins, futures, if bets, reverse bets, and so many more.

Mobile Sports Betting at SportsBetting

One of the neat ways to access SportsBetting is through the mobile option. SportsBetting is compatible with a wide variety of devices so there is no download that is required in the form of an application. The site will automatically sync with your mobile device to the friendly-version through your Internet browser on the phone or tablet. Full and complete access to the sportsbook at SportsBetting is available through a mobile device, including complete odds, wager types, and even the ability to join, deposit, withdraw, and make bets.

SportsBetting Sports Betting Bonuses + Bonus Codes

Bonuses vary from sportsbook to sportsbook and SportsBetting offers one of the best options on the web. Their sportsbook bonus of 50% of your initial deposit up to $1,000 is tough to beat. All you have to do to take advantage of this bonus is sign up for the site and make your first deposit. However, when you’re doing this (at SportsBetting’s cashier page), you’ll need to enter the code SB1000 to activate the bonus and apply it to your account.

SportsBetting also offers a lifetime bonus of 25% when you use the promo code FORLIFE after you have made a qualifying deposit of at least $50. You can earn up to $1,000 worth of free plays on every qualifying deposit reload that you make while your account is active at the site. There is no limit on how many times you can use this bonus. If you want to deposit with cryptocurrency, we recommend looking into other offers, as the same promotions can be welcomed with a 100% and 35% match, respectively.

SportsBetting Deposit Methods

There are sports betting deposit methods or just about any type of player available at SportsBetting. Do you have a Visa or an American Express card? Well, then you can certainly make a deposit with either one at SportsBetting. But it's not just these that are options, as wire transfers by using your local Western Union can be done as well as Money Orders. Also, players can fill out a cashier's check if they feel inclined to transfer funds into their account that way. All that said, the most popular way to deposit into SportsBetting has lately been Bitcoin and other supported cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, etc.).

Credit Card - There are four different types of credit cards that are accepted methods to deposit with at SportsBetting. You can use a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and various credit-based gift cards that are eligible for use with international purchases. The minimum deposit is $25 and the maximum is $5,000 ($2,500 for AMEX).

Wire Transfer - American players also have the chance to use a wire transfer to deposit. Western Union transfers are processed at SportsBetting, which can be as little as $1,000. SportsBetting does not set a maximum limit on wire transfers.

Money Order - For those who aren't going to go the credit card or wire route there is the chance to send in a Money Order. This can take longer than the two other methods already mentioned, but the cashier will deposit it into your account upon

Bitcoin – Bitcoin has rapidly become one of the top deposit options available at SportsBetting. This is a unique banking method because while it is a great digital currency, it also acts as an investment tool. This is due to the unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market, where values can fluctuate wildly. The best part about using Bitcoin at SportsBetting is that Bitcoin transfers do not come with any added fees. You can also deposit with Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, or Bitcoin Cash, all of which post the same minimum deposit ($20) and maximum ($25,000)

SportsBetting Withdrawals

The payout selection at SportsBetting covers a few things. The first is that there are some very fast sports betting payout methods that focus on getting account holders their money as soon as possible. The second route provides a few options on more traditional transfers, which can take longer to get to the user but are still reliable and trusted. All you have to do is pick the options that are most appropriate for you!

Check - The check is the most commonly sent payout. Bettors have three different types of checks to pick from. They all have different times and fees that come with them. These include courier checks, checks by way of the mail, and an ExpressCheck, which is a branded system available in some areas.

Wire Transfer - Wire the money directly into your account and receive it within 12-36 hours from SportsBetting through Western Union or a MoneyGram. Pay attention to the different fees, as these are scaled depending on how much is being paid out.

Bank Wire – You can request a bank wire transfer if you are withdrawing a lot of money at once. This is also nice because fees aren't very much here. Expect your payout to take around 10 days.

Money Order - Available in place of a check option is a money order. The process is pretty much the same here, with the time frame about two to three weeks to be received.

Bitcoin – We touched on bitcoin in the deposits section but the same goes for the withdrawals as there are no fees to request your Bitcoin payout, and Bitcoin payout limits are typically quite high. If you elect to use Bitcoin to receive your winnings, you should have the money in your BTC wallet within a day or two of requesting the transfer (though usually, you will see your money within 12 hours or so).

How Long Do SportsBetting Payouts Take?

This all depends on your method of withdrawing. Research before signing up or taking action because some of them even come with fees. Crypto-transactions are nearly instant, and you will receive the funds automatically after making the request. Person to Person payouts are available within 5 business days. You also can receive a check by mail, taking a few weeks, or request a bank wire transfer, which can take a few days depending on your bank’s actions.

How Much Do Withdrawals Cost At SportsBetting? Are There Payout Fees?

The amount that a payout costs will hinge on the bettors’ method selected for the withdrawal process. In other words, not all fees are the same as they are contingent on which option the user chooses when making the request. Payout charges will be derived from either a flat rate or an escalator rate. The escalator fee will go up or down depending on variables like the amount of money that is being withdrawn. SportsBetting has payout options that have differing amounts and flat fees.

SportsBetting Support

If this SportsBetting review doesn’t answer all of your questions then just know that round the clock support and customer service is available to account holders and those who are curious about accounts at SportsBetting. There are ways to reach them directly on site through email at, or through the messenger service provided directly on the screen with live help. By phone, that number is 1-888-843-9027.

Other Features Of SportsBetting

SportsBetting does not just offer sports betting services on site. In fact, there are several other options, including a legal poker room, full online casino, and a racebook. The poker room at SportsBetting is rapidly growing, hosting thousands of players that play in tournaments and cash games every day. And when it comes to the casino, get in on the action with the slots, or play a variety of the most popular table games seen at the best casinos around the world.