Legal PGA Golf Betting Sites - Is It Legal To Bet On Golf Online?

When thinking of the PGA Tour and the sport of golf, betting might not be the first thing that pops into the mind. However, there are actually a ton of betting lines that are formed throughout the course of the year on the sport of golf. Betting on golf is very popular because of the unique betting lines that can be found. There are odds formed that won't be found anywhere else, simply based on the nature of the sport and how it's played.

There are plenty of legal PGA betting sites that are of the highest quality, which we will cover below and provide a detailed look at the odds that can be found at each one. In addition to that, we will also explain the features for PGA betting site lines and how golf wagers can be made.

Of course, if we're showing you legal betting sites for PGA golf, it must be legal + safe to bet on. It is and here's why:

Wagering real money on all the different PGA tournaments and events that have official odds formed for them is legal to do as long as it is done at the proper sportsbooks. The ones we're referring to are the websites that operate legally within their countries of origin and also extend an invitation towards bettors of different countries to come to sign up with them. In the US, for example, placing a bet on sports online is not banned, merely the operation of such a site where it is unregulated is. The end result is that legal wagers on the PGA can be placed online at legal PGA betting sites.

Trusted Websites For Betting PGA Golf Online

You'll find as many betting opportunities on the PGA Tour and golf as just about any sport out there. The betting sites mentioned below are some of the highest-rated sportsbooks out there, plus they have great PGA betting sections that will fulfill the needs of all types of bettors looking to wager on golf. Most importantly, we trust all of these books and consider them to be the very best websites that are legal for betting online available to Americans today.

You'll find as many legal betting opportunities on the PGA Tour and golf as just about any sport out there. The PGA betting sites we mention below are some of the highest-rated sportsbooks out there, plus they have great PGA golf betting sections that will fulfill the needs of all types of bettors looking to wager on these events. Most importantly, we trust all of these and can assure you they are legal PGA betting sites that are as secure as they come.

Bovada Sportsbook - Odds For Majors Available Months In Advance Including Masters

The expansive golf section at Bovada features betting lines for the PGA Tour, LPGA, European Tour, and the Champions Tour. The PGA Tour is covered most extensively, with betting lines formed for every tournament during the season. And within those tournaments, Bovada provides numerous different wager types, including prop odds for each day, such as the first-round leader, the 36-hole leader, the 54-hole leader, and so on. You can even wager on things like which country will have the highest representation of top-10 or top-20 finishers. Bovada’s golf props are truly comprehensive.

Furthermore, Bovada's great “3-ball” betting section matches players in groups against each other, so you can choose which member of a given tee-time party will score the lowest card on any given day. Other betting lines formed include head-to-head odds, futures betting lines on the major championships, and more. Bovada is a terrific place to place your bets on the PGA tour, and new US customers who sign up now can get a $250 welcome bonus with the industry’s lowest rollover rate of just 5X!

BetOnline Sportsbook - Latest PGA Betting Odds + Huge Bonuses

BetOnline is another legal sports betting site with plenty of PGA betting action to take advantage of during the season. Of course, even in the offseason, BetOnline offers plenty of professional golf futures and props to choose from, so it’s really a year-round golf betting platform. Whether bettors want to wager on the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, or PGA Championship months in advance, BetOnline. will have odds posted well before these tournaments approach.

Within the weekly PGA tournaments, odds to win are formed at BetOnline prior to the first round of play (which is usually on a Thursday) and then adjusted after the completion of each round. BetOnline really stays on top of the day's progressions to bring bettors the freshest and most expansive betting lines as the tournament is moving forward. If you want to bet on pro golf, you can join BetOnline today for free and take advantage of their various welcome promotions, like their 50% deposit match bonus worth up to $1000 in golf free-plays.

MyBookie Sportsbook - The Most Generous Sportsbook Bonuses Around

MyBookie is a relatively new offshore online sportsbook. It was born in 2014, so it's new for seasoned sports bettors and seasoned PGA golf bettors as well. This sportsbook features a variety of deposit options and as well like Master Card, Bitcoin, ACH (Automated Clearing House), P2P (Person 2 Person) and Visa. MyBookie has most of the general payment methods that bettors use so you can have a seamless and fun experience betting on golf.

If you’re afraid that you’ll lose money on your first money wager at the sportsbook then fear not. MyBookie has got you covered with their $20 Risk-Free Sports Bet. Here’s how it works: if you place your first bet on your account and you don’t win then MyBookie will refund your bonus up to $20. You’ll need to place a minimum bet of $20 to qualify for this bonus and there is also a 5x rollover required.

  • BetOnline Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • MyBookie Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • XbetSportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States

Line Shopping For PGA Golf Betting

If you want the best odds for PGA golf betting, then you will have to do a little shopping around. In the sports gambling world, this is called line shopping and can be the difference between a so-so betting win and an awesome one. Line shopping is when you “shop” around at different sportsbooks looking for the best lines for your golfing bet.

To do this while also taking advantage of the betting wins from picking better odds you must sign up at one or multiple offshore online sportsbooks. This is only a suggestion, but we advise that you sign up at multiple sportsbooks, so you can get the best lines after line shopping. For example, Tiger Woods may only be a -110 at one book but another may have him at -105. This could mean a huge difference in winnings. Give line shopping a try so you can get the best odds when betting on golf. It can’t hurt, and it’s free to make an account on any of the offshore online sportsbooks that we’ve mentioned in this article.

Funding Your Online Account For PGA Golf Betting

Let’s say your line shopping and you have found some wonderful odds. Now what? You realize that you have no money in any of your online accounts to bet on that amazing odds list you’ve found. This is where funding your online account comes in handy. If you live in a state that has legalized land-based sports gambling and has state-regulated online sportsbooks, then you can fund your account physically by going to a land-based sportsbook and following the procedures at the register to fund your online account in person.

The other and more convenient option is to fund an offshore online account. You can do this by logging onto to any offshore online sportsbook that we’ve mentioned. Then you head to the cashier webpage and look for the deposit option that is right for you, then you use that deposit option to fund your offshore online account.

Other Features + Facts About Betting PGA Golf Tournament Online

Golf can actually be one of the most bet-on sports in the world because of the international competition and players from all over the world who play on the PGA Tour. In other words, golf brings in the global interest. There are so many different ways to wager on an individual tournament that the options themselves create mass appeal, as well.

Ways To Bet On PGA Golf - Online Wager Types & Other Unique Ways To Gamble

Bettors won't find PGA Tour events or any other golf event with a point spread; that is not the nature of how gambling on the sport works. Instead, betting on an event usually involves using a moneyline to handicap the options by adjusting the payouts instead of adjusting the scoring to determine a winner.

As such, most golf bets will be straights, over/unders, and props that use totals-style odds posting. However, when a tournament has popular action between two or more top golfers, you might be able to find spread bets in the props section, where you can pick a player to beat another player by a certain number of strokes. Still, these are some of the least common ways to bet on golf, and the game otherwise lends itself to the straight and over/under styles of wagering.

Legal PGA Tournaments To Bet On

The good news when you are looking for legal PGA tournaments to bet on is that every single tournament on the PGA tour is available for action at these legal PGA betting sites. Betting lines on every major tournament like the Masters, US Open, the Open Championship (aka the British Open), and the PGA Championship are available, as are lesser tournaments such as the TPC, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the Honda Classic, and many, many more.

Live PGA In-Tournament Wagering + Mobile Golf Betting With Your Phone

There are some tournaments where in-play betting odds can be formed for the PGA Tour event taking place. These can be different than the adjusted nightly odds after a given round is complete. Betting lines formed as rounds are in progress can be seen live on your chosen sportsbook website’s boards. These typically center on the overall winner, though, and do not often get specific to other props and aspects of the tournament. However, if it’s a major tourney, you can expect the books to go the extra mile and issue odds on just about everything possible.

Regardless of the odds offered, bettors do not actually have to be on their computers to bet on the PGA. Mobile betting on the PGA is certainly available through many legal sportsbooks. This makes betting on golf very easy. Bettors can be playing a round of golf themselves and still bet on the professional action as it unfolds! All you need to do to bet on the go is to pull up your favorite sportsbook’s page from your mobile browser (like Safari on iPhone or Chrome on Android) and place a wager.

Wager Lines For PGA Tournaments - Odds To Win, Player/Tourney Props + More!

We mentioned some of the betting odds that are formed during the week of a PGA Tour event. But let's take a moment now to go down the list of what can be expected in total. It starts with the overall odds to win a tournament, formed prior to the start of the first day of competition. From there, adjusted odds are formed after the first, second, and third rounds. We can see a huge fluctuation in the payouts each day.

Outside of the odds to win, smaller outcomes such as 2-ball and 3-ball odds can be had. These are betting odds for the pairings that are released. Head-to-head odds are similar, but they match two players against each other for the entire tournament. The players matched head-to-head do not have to be in a group together.

Prop betting lines such as the top American finisher, or the top European finisher are formed as well. Other prop odds can range from hole-in-one odds, margin of victory, winning score, and more. For the major championships, the odds increase exponentially. Major betting lines can be found in the futures section of your chosen sportsbook(s) until the week of the tournament.

Legal PGA Tour FAQ’s

What deposit options do I have when betting on the PGA Tour?

It depends on the site you are frequenting, but PGA betting deposit options usually include Bitcoin, credit/debit cards, money orders, bank transfers, and so on. The most popular of these is Bitcoin, though credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and certain international gift cards) are also widely used to fund legal PGA betting accounts.

How old do I have to be to bet on professional golf?

Betting on the PGA Tour is no different than betting on any other sport at the top sportsbooks. It’s all dependent on where you are betting. While these offshore legal PGA betting sites may only require their players to be 18 years old, most states in the US have state laws that say you must be 21 to engage in any form of “gambling”. We advise that you abide by the state laws in this regard, though you aren’t breaking any laws if you choose to wager once you’re at least 18.

Are there PGA Tour betting bonuses at sportsbooks?

Yes, most sportsbooks provide bonuses just for using their sportsbook in general, but you can find bonuses on the PGA Tour specifically as well. Usually, these will be cycled into your sportsbook’s bonus pages as noteworthy tournaments approach, so be sure to always check with your favorite sites to see what kinds of bonuses and perks are available.