Legal College Football Final Four Betting

Legal College Football Final Four BettingJust because college football season is almost over doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. In fact, in many ways, the fun is actually just beginning, as NCAA bowl season ramps up and leads the way to the hotly-anticipated four-team College Football Playoff (CFP). Because of such heightened interest, most sports wagering analysts expect this year’s legal college football Final Four betting handle to surpass last year’s record-breaking figures. Naturally, lots of folks – especially newcomers to the gambling scene – are going to want a piece of that multi-billion-dollar action.

Now, you might think that sports betting is illegal in America, or that you can only enjoy legal college football Final Four betting in regulated Nevada markets. However, don’t let the likes of the Wire Act, PASPA, or the UIGEA fool you: Sports betting is 100% legal in the US, no matter where you are. However, there’s a catch: You have to use an online sportsbook based outside of US territory. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of such businesses, and as long as you pick a reliable provider, you can be certain that all your college football Final Four betting is on the up and up.

College Football Final Four Bet Types

As with regular season games, the college football Final Four bet types include all the common fare most bettors expect. Among the wager options available are point spreads, straight bets, totals (or over/under bets), prop bets, parlays, and more. As usual, all of these wagers are based on the American moneyline system, making every wager as clear and straightforward as possible.

That said, because of the increased attention that the college football Final Four garners on the national and international stages, you can expect a much more specific, detailed menu of player props and team props than you’d usually get with more mundane contests. As we get closer to game day, you can be sure that all the best online sportsbooks and betting shops will have dozens – even hundreds – of proposition bets to choose from. And more chances to play means more chances to win!

Where To Bet On The College Football Final Four

Unless you plan on being in Las Vegas for the college football Final Four, the only place to place your bets legally is on the Internet at an established online sportsbook or betting shop like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, 5Dimes, etc.

That said, because it’s so easy to sign up and fund these accounts – and because each of these best-in-class sites has excellent customer care and comprehensive financial services, it’s probably simpler to just wager online even if you live in the middle of Sin City itself. All it takes is about five minutes to set up your account for action, and you can choose from several different deposit methods to fund your legal college football Final Four betting.

Legal College Football Final Four Betting At Bovada

BovadaBy most measures, legal college football Final Four betting at Bovada is your best bet, as the site is essentially the industry’s standard-bearer. Having famously never missed even a single payout, Bovada is known the world over for its fine customer service, its easy-to-use Internet interface, and a sports betting experience that is truly second to none. Even better, new Bovada members can earn several bonuses, including a generous $250 Sports Welcome Bonus that can be used towards picking your favorite Final Four teams. (Unfortunately, Bovada’s services are not available in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, or Nevada.)

Legal College Football Final Four Betting At BetOnline

Available to residents in all 50 states, BetOnline is one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the world, and it’s a prime hotspot for American bettors looking for legal college football Final Four betting. Members can use Bitcoin and Litecoin in addition to normal deposit methods, and they’ll get competitive odds – often with greater payouts – than much of the competition. New BetOnline members are eligible to receive perks including a 50% Welcome Bonus, a 100% Bitcoin Bonus, and even an unprecedented 25% Lifetime Bonus Guarantee. Whether or not you join any other sportsbook, BetOnline is a must-visit for this year’s college football Final Four.

Current Odds For The College Football Final Four

As we’re still a few weeks from game day, the current odds for the college football Final Four don’t yet tell the whole story. Bovada has the Georgia vs. Oklahoma point spread completely even, with pick-em odds and a 60-point over/under. Meanwhile, BetOnline actually has the 3rd-ranked Bulldogs as two-point favorites against the 2nd-ranked Sooners.

The lower-ranked team is also favored in the Alabama vs. Clemson matchup, where most sportsbooks are giving the Crimson Tide (-145) a 2.5-point edge over the top-ranked Tigers (+125). In this tilt, the over/under is set at 47 points, so the game is shaping up to be more of a defensive struggle than the UGA vs. OU leg of the tournament. Regardless of final scores, however, this is shaping up to be a legal college football Final Four betting event to remember.

Mobile Apps For Legal College Football Final Four Betting

What if you want to bet on the college football Final Four but can’t get to a computer? Well, if you have a cellphone or a tablet, you’re in business (and if you don’t, you probably aren’t reading this anyway). While Apple and Google don’t actually allow legal sports betting apps on their App Store and Google Play platforms, iPhone and Android users can still browse and bet whenever they’re out and about.

This is largely possible thanks to the fact that all the best sportsbooks actually have mobile-optimized websites that make searching for and placing wagers on the small screen easier and quicker than ever. What’s more, your mobile device is likely even more secure than your desktop or laptop computer, making mobile sports betting a safer overall experience.

Legal College Football Final Four Live Betting

Another way that mobile sports betting is helping push the gambling pastime into the 21st century is through live betting. Also called in-game betting, live betting means that the action doesn’t stop when the game starts. With traditional sports betting, once the game gets underway, your bets are locked in (and further bets are locked out). With live betting, however, you can bet on every single snap for the entire duration of the contest, expanding your options by literally hundreds of new, exciting, dynamic wagers. In-game betting makes legal college football Final Four betting more exciting than ever before, and it’s the most immersive, intense football experience you’ll get short of being on the sideline itself.

Depositing Into Legal College Football Sportsbooks

Oftentimes, the toughest part about getting a membership-based Internet service set up – whether it’s related to sports betting or not – is establishing a reliable way to fund your account. Fortunately, depositing into legal college football sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, and the rest of the best providers out there make that a reasonably simple process.

Most users, of course, opt for Visa or Mastercard charges to quickly fill their digital wallets, but some folks still prefer slower, more expensive deposit methods like money orders, bank transfers, or personal checks. These latter options usually take between one and two weeks to clear, so for immediate betting, credit or debit is the way to go. (Note: Only Bovada accepts American Express.) More advanced or technologically savvy users can also consider using Bitcoin, which is accepted at every sportsbook, while BetOnline and SportsBetting members can also deposit via Litecoin.

How To Withdraw Legal College Football Betting Payouts

After winning some cash through your legal college football Final Four betting exploits, you’re going to want to take some (or all) of that money out of your sportsbook account and bank it proper. If you’re using Bitcoin or Litecoin, this process is more or less instantaneous, but any other method – including money orders, wire transfers, and courier checks – will typically take up to 10 days to process. This is one of the reasons that more and more legal online sportsbook patrons are turning to the convenience, reliability, and security that cryptocurrencies offer. Plus, the whole crypto market is kind of a gamble unto itself, which is exciting in its own right.

Legal College Football Final Four Betting FAQs

Can I Get Arrested For Betting On The College Football Final Four?

In the US, nobody has ever been arrested for simply betting on collegiate or professional sports at legal betting sites. Remember, placing bets on sporting events is not itself against the law. However, to remain 100% in the clear, you should only use a reputable, offshore sportsbook for all your legal college football Final Four betting.

How Many Legal Online Sportsbooks Can I Join At Once?

You can join as many legal online sportsbooks as you want. In fact, joining several such services at once is one of the very best ways to establish an immediate, meaningful edge in your sports betting game. For example, if you sign up more than one Internet betting shop, you’ll be able to effectively shop around for the best legal college football Final Four betting lines and payouts available. That means less risk and more reward, which is always a bettor’s best friend! (Note: Please be sure to join each online sportsbook only once, as multiple accounts will cause your membership – and your funds – to be suspended indefinitely.)

Is Betting On The College Football Final Four Safe?

Provided you do so only at a legal online sportsbook in good standing, then betting on the college football Final Four is extremely safe. After all, legal online sportsbooks are designed to work within the letter of law, not in spite of or despite it. The only thing you need to worry about is not risking more money than you can afford to lose. Stay cautious, and you’ll stay out of trouble.

What If I Can’t Pay For My College Football Final Four Bets?

Then the Internet will break your kneecaps! No, in all seriousness, one of the most convenient and security-centric things about using online sportsbooks for legal college football Final Four betting (as well as for wagering on other events) is that you cannot bet with more cash than you’ve transferred into your account beforehand. There’s nobody to come collecting, because – if you lose what you had – there’s nothing left to collect! You might lose some money, but you’ll keep your arms and legs!

Do I Need To Report My Sports Betting Winnings On My Taxes?

Yes, you most certainly need to report any sports betting winnings you earn on your yearly income taxes. The forms to do so may be found here, and it’s advised that you keep a detailed tabulation of all your gambling gains and losses. Any success you have with legal college football Final Four betting won’t be worth much if you get caught hiding your profits from larcenous, old Uncle Sam.

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