Legal NHL Online Sportsbooks - Are NHL Hockey Betting Sites Legal?

There isn't a more fast-paced game than hockey, and the NHL is the ultimate proving grounds for the best players in the world. During the NHL season, there are plenty of games that take place, with 82 regular season matchups, plus the Stanley Cup playoffs in which 16 total teams reach the postseason. There are then four rounds of best-of-seven series scheduled, and the scheduling depends on the teams’ seeding, just like in basketball. Fans of hockey are passionate about the sport almost to the point of soccer-style hooliganism, and the same can be said for those who enjoy betting on NHL hockey. There are plenty of opportunities to bet on NHL hockey games from the standpoint of an online bettor and finding the top legal NHL betting sites with complete coverage of the entire season can definitely be beneficial to you, ya hoser.

Placing a bet down on the National Hockey League can be done at a multitude of different legal NHL betting sites. You'll read about a few of them below, detailing what they are, the types of NHL betting odds they have, and the features that can be used. In addition to that, you’ll learn a bit more about what NHL hockey betting features in general, like the betting lines that can be found, how these odds can be accessed, and what types of wagers you can expect to be offered by the top NHL sportsbooks. But first, we must cover a very important question Is it legal to bet on NHL hockey games online? Let's dig into this subject and pull out the facts from what is a sea of confusion about the matter.

Is Online NHL Betting Legal?

Wagering on NHL hockey online is 100% legal for US residents, as there are many offshore sportsbooks that feature betting sections dedicated to the sport. Being located off US soil allows hockey fans to use these websites because they are not under US federal or state jurisdiction that would otherwise pertain to betting on hockey online. As long as you are using an offshore site—preferably one of the legal NHL betting sites we have provided on this page—then you are safe.

NHL sportsbooks found on permit players in your area to join and are safe to use, so be sure to check out what is offered at various sportsbooks in order to decide on the site that’s right for you. But the most important thing to understand is that you are absolutely allowed to wager on NHL games; something that holds true whether it is in the preseason, regular season or going all the way up through the Stanley Cup Finals.

Best NHL Betting Sites Online

NHL betting odds are commonplace at any reputable sports betting site. The odds will be easy to find and should be absolutely plentiful during the season. Chances are, the National Hockey League will have its own section at your sportsbook of choice, where the book will post odds and betting lines, though these sections are sometimes broken up into sub-sections depending on game and bet types.

Bovada Sportsbook - Based In Canada, This Sportsbook Takes Hockey Betting Serious!

Betting on NHL hockey is awesome at Bovada. This site has a full NHL section which is divided into game lines, player props, team props, and futures. Within these subsections are NHL betting options not seen at many other competing books, as Bovada is very Canadian, and thus very hockey-friendly. Throughout the course of the regular season, Bovada will have odds on all 82 games for each team, with lines and props for every matchup from the first faceoff of the season through the final buzzer of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Access to Bovada is made available through several different avenues, including making wagers from your computer or even providing mobile NHL betting options. Bovada has a mobile-friendly betting site that features every betting line on the NHL, found as if you were checking them out from your computer. Bet from your iPhone, cash out on your Android handset and pick your perks in the palm of your hand. At Bovada, you can do it all on the go, wherever you are, and new NHL bettors who sign up now can get a Welcome Bonus worth up to $250.

SportsBetting - NHL Wager Lines From Preseason Until Conn Smythe Trophy Awarded

SportsBetting is another fantastic legal sportsbook with a great NHL section. The player props odds and team props odds at SportsBetting are as good as any around. Prior to each game day, SportsBetting will come out with player and team props for all the day’s matchups. But in addition to that, you can get access to longer-term odds, like futures on which player will win the league MVP or which team will win their division or conference.

Stanley Cup futures odds are also quite popular, and SportsBetting will have betting odds to win the Stanley Cup posted all season long and during the offseason as well. NHL futures present a great chance to get a big payout, and the best legal online sportsbooks always offer these to anyone placing a real-money NHL wager.

If you sign up for SportsBetting today, you can make your very first deposits at th best legal online sportsbooks with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. Using these methods, you’ll be eligible to claim up to $1500 in bonus free-plays on your first three deposits, which all add up to make SportsBetting’s exclusive and enormous $4500 crypto bonus offer!

MyBookie - NHL Wager Lines From Preseason Until Conn Smythe Trophy Awarded

MyBookie is a relatively new sportsbook that came on the scene in 2014. They are one of the best offshore online sportsbooks on the web. MyBookie features a very easy to navigate website for NHL fans chomping at the bit to bet on one of their hockey teams. This sportsbook prides itself on providing a great experience for sports bettors. The site even has reviews of it sportsbook on its website and open to the public, so you can head over there and see the great reviews for yourself.

MyBookie has some of the best and most generous sportsbook bonuses around. They have a 50% sports sign-up bonus that works on your first deposit at the sportsbook. To qualify for the 50% bonus you’ll need a minimum deposit of $100 and to qualify for the 25% bonus you will need a minimum deposit of anything less than $100. The maximum deposit amount is $1,000. Please note that there is a 10x rollover requirement for this promotion in order for you to pull your money out. Make sure not to bet more money than you can afford to lose.

Line Shopping For NHL Games

You’ll want to make sure you can get the best odds when betting on such a fast-paced sport like professional hockey in the National Hockey League. But how can you get the best odds when betting on the NHL? You’ll have to do something called line shopping. This is when you “shop” around at different offshore online sportsbooks to find the best hockey odds.

So, if you want the best odds for betting on the St. Louis Blues during a regular season game then you’ll have to search through multiple offshore online sportsbooks to find the best odds. You could find odds that could give you a payout two times over at one sportsbook and then dismal odds at another. This is why we recommend making accounts at multiple sportsbooks, so you can take advantage of the wonderful resource that is line shopping.

Funding Your Online Account For NHL Betting

Before you do anything else on an offshore online sportsbook you’ll have to make sure you have money in your account. You can fund your account either physically or online. If you want to do it physically then you’ll have to go your local sports book (if you have state-regulated legal NHL gambling in your state) and find a land-based sportsbook or lottery to deposit your money into your online account.

If you don’t have a state-regulated online sportsbook in your state, then you can go with option number 2: funding your online account online. You can do this by going to an offshore online sportsbook and going to the cashier page. Once you’re there you can look at the sportsbooks deposit options (they will vary slightly depending on which sportsbook site you visit) and then you can deposit your money. It’s as simple as that. Once the money is in your account then you’ll be betting on NHL games in no time.

  • BetOnline Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • MyBookie Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • XbetSportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States

Other Features + Facts About Betting NHL Hockey Games Online

The opportunity to bet on the NHL through the Internet makes it very safe and easy to do. You can make a wager wherever you are. We introduced the concept of mobile betting up above, and that is certainly one of the top features to discuss, among other aspects.

Ways To Bet On The NHL - Online Betting Types & Other Unique Ways To Gamble

When betting on the NHL, you’ll see tons of different betting lines, but the wager types will be somewhat limited because of the nature of scoring in hockey. You don't get the same kinds of large point spreads as you do with football and basketball, for example. Still, there are many great betting lines available to NHL bettors despite this limitation. This includes straight wagers for game lines such as the puck-line (which is akin to a spread, but usually set at +/- 1.5 goals, making it more like a baseball runline), the straight moneyline, and the game total (aka over/under).

Parlay wagers are popular when gambling on NHL hockey games as well, and this is done by linking together wagers from the same or multiple games. Some NHL parlays can go cross-sport too, allowing you to make hockey bets on the same ticket as football bets, for example.

Live In-Game Wagering + Mobile NHL Betting

Betting live on the NHL is available, but there aren't as many lines capable of being formed as other sports. This is because of the fact that for the most part, the NHL is nonstop action. There can be some breaks in the flow, during which some props can be set, but for the most part, the live betting will be adjusted moneylines and game totals.

The same can be said for in-play betting. In this case, in-play betting lines would be odds that are formed during the different intermissions and adjusted depending on how the game is going. These also vary from betting on individual periods because these are adjusted game lines and not just bets exclusively offered for the next individual period.

NHL Betting Odds... Betting Lines For Single Games, Players, Stanley Cup + More!

Odds on the National Hockey League cover plenty. Game lines will be formulated prior to each contest. There are many games during the week when the season is in progress, so oddsmakers stay right on top of things and come out for a betting line as soon as the results from the previous games are in.

Be sure to check out the complete listing of hockey gambling options at legal NHL betting sites like the ones we provided, as they will detail the full slate of odds available. You don't have to be an account holder to see what's available.

Legal NHL Betting FAQ’s

Are there federal laws that prevent NHL betting?

The only federal law that directly relates to sports betting is the Interstate Wire Act. The Wire Act does not make it illegal to place wagers, it just makes it a crime for licensed US-based operators to accept sports wagers via the Internet when they come from across state lines (i.e. out of state). The Wire Act only impacts gambling operators, not those placing the bets. Plus, all of the sites recommended on our page are based overseas where the Wire Act is not applicable.

How do I sign up for a legal NHL betting site?

ou can sign up for a legal NHL betting site by simply selecting the site you prefer, selecting the “create an account” option, plugging in some basic sign-in information like your name and maybe a photocopy of your ID, and you are officially a member. You don’t even have to deposit any money to become a member, though if you wish to win real money, you’ll need to load up your account eventually.

Is it free to sign up for an online legal NHL betting site?

None of the top sites requires their players to pay anything to get started. The only money you need to put down is the money you intend to wager with when depositing. In fact, none of the best online NHL betting sites charge users anything for their many services, with the exception of certain processing fees when you decide to cash out (though this is standard industry-wide and applies to land-based sports betting shops as well).