Fastest Sportsbook Payouts

This guide is all about the fastest sportsbook payouts. While reliability remains a top concern, online sports bettors are also looking for the fastest sportsbook payouts. When online sports betting first became popular, bettors from the U.S. often had to settle for a limited selection of withdrawal options with exceptionally slow payout speeds. Now, there are more online sportsbooks in the market that have made fast and reliable payout options their top priority. When you bet on sports online, you can get your winnings without having to wait for weeks or even months. It just comes down to choosing the fastest sportsbook withdrawal method that has the fees and banking limits that will fit your needs.

When looking for the fastest payouts at sportsbooks, you will notice that the options only vary slightly from sportsbook to sportsbook. If you have multiple sports betting accounts, this makes it easier to choose the same speedy payout option for every withdrawal. This page will provide you with a general overview of the methods that you can expect to see, along with details on the typical limits and processing speeds across online sportsbooks.

Fastest Sportsbook Payout Options

When you put money into an online sportsbook account, the goal is to also be able to get it back quickly. Using the fastest sportsbook payout options, you can have your funds within 48 hours or less without having to visit a bank. Sports betting sites no longer only offer slow payout methods that take more than a month to receive. For the fastest sportsbook payouts, stick to methods that transfer your funds electronically rather than through snail mail. Though the minimums, maximums, and processing fees will vary slightly between online sportsbooks, these are the fastest sportsbook payout options:

Bitcoin – At the top of the list of fastest sportsbook payouts is Bitcoin. The digital currency will have money sent from your sports betting account to your BTC wallet within minutes. Bitcoin payouts are also the most reliable method, with no bank to hold your funds for days before being released. All you have to do is provide the online cashier with your BTC wallet address, and your winnings will be sent within minutes depending on the book. The level of anonymity maintained in only having to provide your wallet address rather than bank account information is also another benefit of using this fast withdrawal option.

  • Fees: None
  • Processing Speed: Within 24 hours
  • Maximum: Up to $50,000

Person to Person – Person to Person payouts have improved over time, with online sportsbooks processing the requests faster than ever. Some of the typical options include MoneyGram, Western Union, or Ria. The online cashier will send you a reference number that you can use to pick up your funds at a local retailer. It may take 2 – 3 business days to process, but your cash is available for pickup immediately after.

  • Fees: Up to $50
  • Processing Speed: 2 -3 business days
  • Maximum: Up to $500

Payouts Methods With The Lowest Fees

Though the fastest sportsbook payouts are important, some bettors may want to focus on the payout methods with the lowest fees. When you have discounted withdrawal fees, more of your winnings go back into your wallet. Fortunately, there are expedient payout methods that also carry low fees. Additionally, many online sportsbooks have monthly payout discounts that bettors can take advantage of. The online cashier will either offer a certain credit amount to go toward payout fees or completely waive the normal withdrawal fee for certain methods. If you take advantage of payout programs, you can skip fees altogether. Here are some of the methods that have the lowest fees at online sportsbooks:

Checks – A traditional check is still an extremely popular payout method for online sports bettors. Though not the fastest method, sportsbooks have improved upon their delivery speeds for paper checks. This is also one of the methods that sportsbooks will waive fees on monthly, making it one of the payout methods with potentially very low fees on average.

  • Fees: Up to $50 (Free with payout discount)
  • Processing Speed: Estimated 5 -7 business days
  • Maximum: Up to $5000

Bitcoin – Not only one of the fastest sportsbook payout methods but Bitcoin also has the lowest fees of any sportsbook withdrawal. None of the top online sportsbooks charge fees for requesting a Bitcoin transfer. You can also request BTC payouts more frequently than you can other methods.

  • Fees: None
  • Processing Speed: Within 24 hours
  • Maximum: Up to $50,000

Fastest Sportsbook Payouts FAQs

Do I Need To Verify My Account Before Requesting A Withdrawal?

Yes, you may need to verify your account before requesting a withdrawal. If you made a credit card deposit, the site will require you to fill out a credit card authorization form to ensure that your account information matches up. This is done as a way to protect you from fraud and keep your account secure. The documents may include a copy of your government-issued ID, a utility bill, and a copy of the original card used for the deposit. Once you have filled out the credit card form once, you will not have to do so for future withdrawals.

Does My Payout Come Back Using The Same Deposit Method I Made?

In most cases, your payout can be processed using the same method as your deposit. The only time that you would need to select a different withdrawal method is if the deposit method is specifically not eligible to process payouts. For example, if you make a credit card deposit, you will not be able to receive a credit card payout. The online cashier will show you your available options when you go to request your payout, or you can speak with customer service at any time if you have questions. Typically, bank wire or courier check are the go-to payout methods for those that make credit card deposits.

Is Bitcoin Safe To Use?

Bitcoin is 100% safe to use and is the recommended payout option for US sports bettors. With Bitcoin, you never have to worry about difficulties making a deposit or receiving a withdrawal. There is no bank to hold up your funds or cancel a transaction. The digital currency is sent quickly and securely to and from your Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin is becoming more widely accepted all over the world, meaning once you receive the Bitcoin payout you can use it at other preferred sports betting sites or other merchants on the internet. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that you can trust completely for use at all legal online sportsbooks.

Can I Cancel A Bitcoin Withdrawal After It Is Requested?

Yes, in most cases you can cancel a Bitcoin withdrawal from your account dashboard as long as the funds have not been sent yet. Bitcoin is one of the fastest sportsbook payouts, and if the online cashier has already sent the Bitcoin, you will not be able to cancel the transaction. This is why it is extremely important to verify your Bitcoin wallet address before providing it to the online cashier. It is not possible to refund a request that has gone to the wrong address. Double check those addresses!

When Will My Withdrawal Be Processed?

Each online sportsbook has its own processing windows that can be accessed through the cashier’s page on their site. Most sites will process withdrawal requests throughout the week during standard business hours. Some sites will also handle requests on the weekend. Then there are a few sportsbooks that will allow requests 24 hours a day. You should allow all sports betting sites up to 48 hours to process your request in addition to the estimated delivery time. Always check with your sportsbook cashier to see their specific withdrawal processing times.

Best Legal Betting Sites With Quick And Reliable Withdrawal Methods

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