NFL Betting Sites

In the United States, there are many professional sports, but only one that reigns supreme – professional football. The NFL is hands-down the most watched sport in the US, which by default makes it the most bet-on sport in the US as well. Finding legal NFL betting sites that accept American bettors is not hard. It’s finding the absolute best of those sites that can be a bit tricky.

That is why we have decided to do the finding for you. On this page, we have put together a list of the best Legal NFL betting sites available to US residents all across the country. We also answer the important questions, like whether or not betting on the NFL is legal, how you can participate in legal NFL gambling online, and how online NFL wagering can actually be done.

Is It Legal To Bet On NFL Games Online In The US?

The simple answer to this question is yes, online NFL wagering is legal in the US. That is, so long as you are placing your bets at the correct location. The majority of legal NFL betting sites available to US residents are online, offshore sportsbooks. You may also be able to bet on NFL games at online sportsbooks that are regulated by the state where you reside.

The law that most impacts online gambling in the US is the Wire Act of 1961. This law states that the acceptance of interstate wagers over a telecommunications system is an illicit activity. This law is meant to keep fly-by-night operations from taking advantage of bettors, but today it excludes sites that are licensed by the state (but still requires those using such a site to physically be in the same state as the site itself, as is the case in places like Nevada, Tennessee, and New Jersey). The Wire Act has no authority over the operators of overseas sportsbooks, however. It cannot forbid people in other countries from doing anything as they do not fall under the Wire Act’s jurisdiction.

Right now, there are not many states with online sportsbooks, though the number is growing thanks to the overturning of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992). This is why the best Legal NFL betting sites we can recommend at this time are those that are located overseas. They don’t violate the Wire Act or other sports betting laws either, as their operators are not based in the US. These sites are perfect for legal NFL gambling online, and they are – for the most part – accessible to everyone across the US.

Ways To Bet On The NFL – Online Betting Types & Other Unique Ways To Gamble

As the most popular sport to wager on in the US, there are a number of different wagers you’ll find at the legal NFL betting sites on this page. Below, we’ll just go over a few, so that you can learn the basics. If you are unfamiliar with online NFL wagering and wish to learn more, these legal NFL betting sites have in-depth and comprehensive “How To” sections, where everything is explained by a betting expert. These sites will have you betting like a pro in no time.

Moneyline – A money line bet, also called a straight bet or straight money line bet, is a wager on which team will win the game. Favorites are given less appealing odds, as there is less risk associated with betting on the team that most analysts expect to win the game. Straight bets are the most straightforward wagers you’ll make at any legal NFL betting site.

Spread – The spread is a way to bet on the winner of the game, but at an adjusted score. The spread takes points away from a favorite and gives them to the underdog, giving the perceived weaker team a sort of “head start” on the betting boards. The spread is determined by oddsmakers about a week in advance of a given game, allowing the bettor time to determine whether the dog or the favorite will be able to cover the spread.

To cover the spread, favorites must win by more than the allotted points assigned by the sportsbook, while underdogs must either win the game outright or simply lose by less than the spread. For example, If the Jets were the 10 point underdogs to the Patriots, they would have to lose by nine points or less, while their opponent would have to win by at least 11 points to cover a wager in their favor.

Point Totals – Totals are bets made on the total amount of points scored in a game. A figure is determined about a week in advance, and then bettors choose whether the final score will be over or under that number. This wager type is often called the over/under because of this.

The Best Deposit Method For Funding Your Account At Legal NFL Betting Sites

The best deposit method for funding your legal NFL betting site account is Bitcoin. This is a form of cryptocurrency that allows for quick, private, and large deposits to be made into your account. This method helps bettors to avoid any interference from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA, 2006) when funding their accounts on any legal NFL betting sites.

The UIGEA is a federal banking regulation that occasionally will block credit card and debit card payments to online NFL gambling sites because banks are having trouble processing the request. This very rarely happens, but when it does, it can be an extreme inconvenience. This is why we recommend Bitcoin, which is an independent currency that never has to be processed by US banks.

Bitcoin is nearly as fast as using a credit card if not faster and allows you to deposit more funds into your account in a single transaction than just about any other common banking method. This means you don’t have to make nearly as many deposits to your account at legal NFL betting sites. Bitcoin also adds an extra level of security and privacy to deposits, as you use a BTC wallet to make your transactions. This removes the need for account numbers and other private financial information that can potentially be used by hackers or other parties in reprehensible ways. Bitcoin is quickly becoming the preferred deposit method for all legal NFL betting sites.

Best NFL Betting Sites Online

Sportsbooks that offer legal NFL wagering are easy to find, but the trick is going with one that comes recommended. There are many reasons to choose an online sportsbook, from the betting odds offered on site to the sportsbook bonuses bettors can receive, as well as the funding and payout methods for a smooth transition of funds back and forth.

Learn about specific betting sites that have legal NFL wagering further below, as well as some of the features that can be found across the board at legal betting sites.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Great Betting Features That Include Mobile + Live NFL Betting

NFL betting at BetOnline goes together like peanut butter and jelly; it just makes sense. You'll notice right away that game lines are formed faster than other sportsbooks, which includes the money line in addition to the point spread and the game total. Getting those odds before they are released elsewhere at BetOnline, who has long been an industry trendsetter is paramount for a bettor. At BetOnline, account holders are able to research and spend more time on a game line, simply because they have earlier access than members of other sportsbooks.

Check out the Super Bowl predictions that are up year-round, with the action heating up weekly during the regular season where bettors will find that lines change quickly as teams win or lose their previous weeks’ games. At BetOnline, the action is always live, and lines change frequently based on the bets coming in. When you see a line you like or odds that you think can’t get more profitable, you should place your wager immediately.

New NFL betting fans who join BetOnline today can get a 50% deposit match bonus worth up to $1000 in free-plays to use at the site’s sportsbook using the code BOL1000. Returning members can opt-in to BetOnline’s industry-exclusive Bonus For Life program, which gives them a 25% match on every deposit they make, up to $1000 in extra cash, using the promo code LIFEBONUS.

Bovada Sportsbook - One Of The Best Legal NFL Betting Sites

Bovada is definitely one of the best online sports betting sites that you can visit for NFL wagering. It starts with the game lines that are featured front and center when you log in. These cover preseason, regular season, and postseason NFL action, and they are constantly updated as the events of each week play out on and off the gridiron. A variety of different betting odds outside of game lines can be found as well, including props and futures. Bovada’s statistics are used by networks like CBS before the start of a game, they are that reliable.

Bovada has live betting for NFL games, where bettors can check out and place wagers as the action is happening in front of their eyes. It's a thrilling feature every bettor should try at least once, with a variety of different lines and payouts attached to every play on the field.

Even better, Bovada is known for having some of the biggest sportsbook bonuses available today. Although their new member bonus of a 50% match on a user’s initial deposit of up to $250 might seem a bit small compared to the bonuses offered at other books, Bovada’s comes with the industry’s lowest rollover requirement of just 5X, making it extremely attractive and valuable to new bettors. There is no promo code required to receive this bonus.

SportsBetting Sportsbook - Welcome Players From All 50 States; Fans Of All 32 Teams

You will never miss the opportunity to bet on a game at SportsBetting, and this can be attributed to reliable hosting but also having the matchups that NFL fans want to bet on before most other sports betting sites. SportsBetting is one of the busiest books in the business, and it sits among the top three books by volume in terms of bets placed and US membership numbers alike. Simply put, SportsBetting is one of the two or three most popular NFL betting sites in America. And for good reason!

One reason why SportsBetting is so popular is that bettors don't have to be on their computers to place wagers thanks to the site’s excellent mobile betting system. Mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and Androids are owned by everyone, so why shouldn't sports betting sites take advantage of this? Well, SportsBetting does, allowing bettors to check out their NFL betting lines from any mobile device internet access capabilities or a terrific data plan. NFL bettors can make betting deposits as well as actual wagers from wherever they are in America with mobile betting at SportsBetting.

New NFL bettors who sign up with SportsBetting now can choose from a number of valuable bonuses. While SportsBetting takes the most forms of deposit payment methods of any sportsbook (including American Express, a rarity in the industry), their real focus is on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and DASH. Crypto users can get a SportsBetting bonus match of 100% on their initial deposit of up to $1000 in free-plays just for signing up and depositing with this alternative currency! To receive the cryptocurrency promotion, users must use the code 100CRYPTO. New members will receive a 50% match on their initial bonus of up to $1000 using the promo code SB1000. If that wasn’t enough, SportsBetting also offers a lifetime guarantee of bonuses to its users. Each and every deposit made will be matched by 25% up to $1000 in free bonus cash using the promo code FORLIFE. With all of these bonuses, SportsBetting is definitely a sportsbook worth joining.

  • BetOnline Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • MyBookie Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • XbetSportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States

Other Features + Facts About Betting NFL Games Online

The sites for legal NFL betting are obviously the catalyst for all that can be done. NFL Betting Sites discussed some important features within the internet world of NFL betting. The features that are offered on these sportsbooks will be expanded upon briefly to give you a better understanding of what to look for and what to expect when checking out the different sites.

Ways To Bet On The NFL - Online Betting Types & Other Unique Ways To Gamble

NFL wager types extend to more options than most other sports, because of the nature of wagering in general. Straight bets are what most bettors will recognize, as they make one bet for one outcome. But there can be many other types, such as parlays, if-bets, teasers, pleasers, and even more. The individual sportsbook will designate which wagers can be made.

Live In-Game Wagering + Mobile NFL Betting

These are two types of betting that are a favorite among bettors. These options have brought an entirely new perspective to the online sportsbook world, plus it allows members the convenience of being able to place their sports wagers wherever they are.

Mobile betting is the theme of today in essence because it encompasses the ever-changing technology around us that we engage in daily. Mainstream online sportsbooks like the ones detailed on this page will have the option of using their desktop site on a mobile device. However, it should be noted that native sports betting apps are not available on the US App Store or in Google Play due to corporate policies on real-money gambling in various American locations.

With respect to live-betting, this can be done on the computer or through mobile betting platforms, as the technology allows members to make wagers on real-time action. With live in-game betting, hundreds of bets can come across the screen in a short amount of time, opening up a whole new world of betting lines to the bettor.

Betting Odds For NFL - Games, Players, Super Bowl + More!

Betting odds on the NFL will cover a ton of different things. Bettors will find game lines to be the most popular. Game lines cover the point spread, money line, and the game total. Odds extend much further than that though within a game, including team and player props. These are performance-based odds that can cover an individual game or even the course of a season. And then there are futures lines, which are division odds, conference odds, and the Super Bowl odds. Futures can be up for an entire year, always giving NFL bettors something new to check out.

NFL Betting Sites FAQs

Why did my credit card get declined?

Sometimes credit cards get declined because of the UIGEA, which is federal banking regulation. This regulation allows banks to deny transactions at online, offshore gambling sites because of findings by the National Gambling Impact Study Commission in 1999. The study claimed that banks were having too much trouble processing these types of transactions, which has since been disproven. Despite this, the UIGEA still gives banks the ability to decline payment, which is why you might sometimes have a deposit that does not go through, despite the fact that you are using a legal NFL gambling site. If this is not the case, some banks and credit card companies will flag international activity and decline a transaction. If this occurs, simply call the online sports betting site for alternate payment options.

Is Bitcoin secure?

Bitcoin is one of the most secure deposit methods you can use when making payments to legal NFL betting sites. Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a blockchain, which is verified by people called miners. The blockchain acts as a ledger, which verifies and controls all payments made to the sportsbook. This means that no one can falsify a transaction, because everything is stored on the blockchain, making this one of the most secure online payment methods in the world.

Are bitcoin sportsbooks regulated and licensed?

Bitcoin sportsbooks are regulated and licensed by the authorities in the countries where they are located. The legal NFL betting sites recommended here all use Bitcoin as a preferred method of banking, and they have each received the proper licensing from their countries of origin to do so. Furthermore, they are each regulated by gaming commissions in their home nations. This guide to NFL betting sites would not recommend sportsbooks that haven’t met the proper quality control standards you would expect from your legal sports wagering sites. This is why only the top offshore sportsbooks in the industry have been recommended to you.