Legal UFC Betting Sites

Legal MMA Betting For UFC 229The Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion is more popular than ever, and legal UFC betting sites are actively being sought out by dedicated fans and bettors all over the country. When it comes to sports betting the pastime has never been more popular than it is today. The mixed martial arts promotion was born in 1993 and was helmed by Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, both of which are involved in the casino business. While the UFC is still a new promotion for the wet-behind-the-ears sport of mixed martial arts, it garners a huge following of fans now that it has gone mainstream after joining ESPN. In this day and age, the UFC has attracted more fans to the sport and now gamblers as well.

If you aren’t in Las Vegas and sports betting has not been passed in your state yet, don’t worry. All hope is not lost. You have another option: offshore online sportsbooks. These legal UFC betting sites can offer you odds for almost every mixed martial art fight in the UFC promotion. You can wager on these fights from anywhere you have an internet connection. We’ll give you some information for a few offshore online sportsbooks and some other general helpful nuggets for your sports betting venture through legal UFC betting sites.

Which Sites Have Legal UFC Betting?

Almost all Internet-based betting sites have legal UFC betting, and they’re extremely easy to find. However, you want to stay away from most of these services, as they’re typically some combination of untested, untrusted, or outright scams. Instead, make sure you only stick the longest-lived, most frequented betting sites in the US for offshore online sportsbooks.

Offshore online sportsbooks like Bovada and 5Dimes are safe and reliable books to bet on fights under the UFC promotion. They have comprehensive lines, customer care, and guaranteed payouts (if you make sure to follow their terms and conditions without trying to cheat the system). Best of all, it’s totally free to sign up! So, join one or join them all, and shop around for the best values on any given wager. For legal UFC betting, these are your best options every time.

Line Shopping Fights Under The UFC Promotion

For mixed martial arts fights under the UFC banner, predictable outcomes are few and far in between. You may have a few easy picks with some the greatest of all time in the sports, but for the most part, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as a spectator. Sometimes the fighters themselves don’t even know how they landed certain strikes or submission. If the fighters don’t know, then certainly the oddsmakers don’t. That’s where line shopping comes into play. You may get a -110 favorite for Jon Jones winning a fight versus Daniel Cormier, but if you search and “shop” around at other offshore online sportsbooks you could find Jon Jones at a -150 favorite to beat Cormier. This is where the importance of line shopping can come into play.

Legal UFC Bet Types

The UFC is a fairly straightforward sport, and that means that wagering on it is also pretty simple. In this way, it’s actually one of the best sports for allowing new sports bettors to hone their skills. There just aren’t that many things to choose from. The legal UFC bet types that you’re going to come across will generally be limited to things like straight moneylines on which fighter will win, what round the match will end in, and what kind of victory it will be (KO, TKO, submission, etc.).

Some books will even give you an over/under on the total number of rounds that the fight will last. However, that’s basically all you’re going to get. Sometimes, in the case of a particularly big fight, you’ll actually get various event and broadcast props as well, though these are almost universally reserved for the big PPV cards. Of course, just because it’s comparatively limited in scope, that doesn’t mean that legal UFC betting isn’t just as much fun as other sports gambling categories. In fact, mixed martial arts is one of the most popular betting disciplines.

Fastest Deposit Options For Legal UFC Betting Sites

Legal MMA BettingThere are a number of different ways to fill up your sports betting account with funds to wager with. You can use bank wires, cashier’s checks, money orders, credit cards, debit cards, and even Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH, and more. However, only the credit/debit options and crypto routes can be considered the fastest deposit options for legal UFC betting sites, as they typically clear within just minutes. All other avenues tend to take between one and two weeks, and they also usually carry higher processing fees.

Funding Your Online Account

When betting on fights under the UFC banner you’ll want to make sure you know how to fund your online account, so you can keep placing your bets on the next greatest knockout artist or knee snatcher. You can fund your online account in person if you live in a state that has legalized sports gambling and has a state-regulated online sportsbook. You can fund your account with a credit card, a debit card, and even Bitcoin if your online sportsbook allows it. Some states allow you to do this by walking into a lottery or land-based sportsbook in your area that is connected to the online sportsbook you’re looking to fund.

The other option is to fund an offshore online sportsbook that operates outside of U.S. jurisdiction. These online sportsbooks that have been around nearly a decade are the ones you can trust. Funding your account with these sites can be as simple as going to the online cashier, picking deposit option, and paying. Some offshore online sportsbook will offer deposit options to fund your account like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Money Gram, and the basic forms like a debit card and credit card.

Fastest Withdrawal Options For Legal UFC Betting Sites

There aren’t as many ways to get paid out as there are to deposit at offshore sportsbooks. As such, if speed is important, you only really have one option. The fastest withdrawal options for legal UFC betting sites are to use cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin et al.). These usually transfer within a few hours, and they have the added benefit of coming with no added processing fees of any kind. Other methods, like bank wires, money orders, and checks, can be requested, but these are more expensive and will often take 10 days or more to show up stateside.

Live In-Game UFC Betting

Unfortunately, the one aspect of legal UFC betting that doesn’t really appeal to most gamblers is the live betting component. However, that’s not really the fault of the sportsbooks in question, who go above and beyond to employ comprehensive live betting on just about every contest they post. Rather, this is simply the reality of combat sports generally and UFC bouts in particular.

Because of the pace and simple, limited possible outcomes, live, in-game UFC betting really doesn’t work. There’s no downtime for the book to post unique single-play props. The most you can expect in this department is that you’ll get an updated moneyline on the two combatants after each round of action. Other than that, to truly experience legal UFC betting as it was meant to be experienced, you’ll need to get all of your wagers in before the fight actually starts.

Mobile UFC Betting Sites

There are no mobile apps for UFC betting available on Google Play or in the App Store, but each of the top offshore sportsbooks listed above does offer a streamlined, gesture-friendly, completely encrypted mobile experience. As long as you use an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or any other modern mobile device with a web browser and an Internet connection, you can access the mobile portals of your favorite sportsbooks no matter where you are. These mobile UFC betting sites allow you find and place all the wagers you can on the standard desktop sites, but with mobile betting, your bookie is always in your pocket so you can bet any time, any place.

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