Legal Sportsbook Review

Our goal is to provide you with a legal BetDSI Sportsbook review that covers everything you need to know about using the betting site. To begin with a brief history, the BetDSI brand has been online since 1998 and is licensed in the Republic of Costa Rica. Owned by Diamond Sportsbook International (DS), BetDSI is a leading online sportsbook that provides legal and secure sports betting on nearly all sporting events for everyone in the United States and around the world. The company has built a strong reputation for consistent service with a focus on customer care that reaches more than 140 countries. The betting interface is straightforward and user-friendly, which allows bettors to focus on wagering rather than features that they will never use.

Within our legal review of the BetDSI Sportsbook, all of your concerns regarding the legitimacy of the site will be addressed. We will detail the legality of using the online sportsbook along with important details such as the age requirements to use BetDSI and legal banking options. Once you have all of the background information that you need on the safety of this excellent online sportsbook, we will go into the selection of sports, bonuses, wagering options, and other key features that set BetDSI apart. In just a few minutes, you will have a good idea of whether or not the BetDSI online sportsbook is right for you.

Is BetDSI Legal For US Players?

BetDSI is legal for US players to use for betting on sports. There are no federal laws that make it unlawful for a US citizen to join an offshore online sportsbook. Any and all laws that restrict sports gambling simply state that unlicensed sportsbooks will be punished by the law. There is no law that criminalizes the act of making a bet on the Patriots or any of your favorite teams. This is especially becoming truer due to the fact that sportsbooks are becoming legal all over the US. You can check your local laws to see where your state stands on sports betting. But we can confirm right now that going to BetDSI to make a bet on sports is not against the law and you are able to do so no matter which state you are in.

Legal Age to Bet At BetDSI

Of all the topics that we will mention in our legal BetDSI Sportsbook review, betting age is extremely important. The legal age to bet on sports at BetDSI is 18 years old, but it is not that cut and dry. Though the offshore sportsbook offers this general age requirement, you will need to abide by the gambling age set by your local government. Most states around the country require that you must be 21 years or older to make a bet. Sports betting laws are also being created all over as well, and generally speaking, they say you must be 21 or older to wager on sports. This means that all over the country, you can make a bet on BetDSI when you are 21 years or older. Some states say you can wager at 18, but 21 is the safe number everywhere in the US. Check with local laws to find out your legal sports betting age. If there is none, default to 21 for your own safety.

Selection of Sports at BetDSI

BetDSI offers a vast array of sports to bet on, and if you can think of the sport, BetDSI likely features it. Their list of sports includes (but isn’t limited to): football, basketball, baseball, hockey, horse racing, auto sports, boxing, pro wrestling, tennis, MMA, cycling, eSports, Aussie rules, and rugby. BetDSI absolutely kills it with the number of sports you can wager on. There are far more events on this offshore sportsbook than you would find at any state-based sportsbook. With such a healthy lineup of different sports options, BetDSI has more than enough variety to keep any sports bettor happy.

Live Betting At BetDSI

Live betting at BetDSI is the most exciting and interactive way to bet on sporting events. You can bet on a large number of different sports as the games are taking place. This is more involved than placing a bet that is based on the results of a game. The sportsbook will place odds on various events that will happen throughout the game. Some wagers could be who will score next, totals for the quarter, prop bets, and much more. Live betting allows you more opportunities to make cash during a single event. If the team you wagered on seem like they will lose, then live betting is an excellent opportunity to lower your losses and maybe even get ahead. Live betting requires sports fans to be much more engaged with an ongoing game, so it is extremely popular. If you want the most exciting way to gamble on your favorite teams, live betting is the answer.

Mobile Betting At BetDSI

BetDSI has one of the best mobile experiences of all legal betting sites. With a user-friendly interface, BetDSI boasts one of the few mobile experiences that captures the same efficiency and ease of use offered by their full desktop platform. You can bet on all of the sports you enjoy betting on your desktop right on your mobile device, anywhere you want, so long as you have a connection to the internet. All of your account essentials are still accessible, such as your BetPoints rewards, banking options, and your wagering history. You can even redeem bonuses using the mobile version of the website like you would on your computer. The best part is that no download is required to start betting on your mobile device. Simply visit BetDSI from your device to be redirected to the BetDSI mobile platform.

Current Bonuses At BetDSI

BetDSI may not always have the widest selection of bonuses, but the promotions they do offer are valuable. The 100% Welcome Bonus is a staple at the online sportsbook for new bettors. When you make your initial deposit, the site will match the amount by 100% for up to $500 in both sportsbook and casino free-plays. To redeem the bonus, just enter the code provided by the BetDSI cashier after creating your account. This code changes seasonally, along with the bonus amounts, but this is the most common arrangement for first-time BetDSI users.

There is also an extensive reload these legal betting bonuses that is available for you to use. If you are interested in earning up to $2,500 every time you make a deposit on your account, BetDSI is the page for you. This will likely be a matching bonus, so sign up for your free account with BetDSI to get all the details on these bonuses. Once you earn these bonuses, you will have to activate them, as all BetDSI bonuses are opt-in rather than opt-out. This is, of course, a very customer-friendly policy, as sportsbook bonuses are definitely not for every type of bettor.

  • Sportsbook Welcome
  • 50% Sports Bonuses up to $500
  • BONUS!

BetDSI Deposit Methods

An essential part of any legal BetDSI Sportsbook review is covering the legal betting deposit options that will enable you to start betting on your favorite sports. BetDSI provides users with plenty of deposit options, from popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to most major credit cards and even wire transfers. The amount limits and processing times vary, but between their various options, funding your account should be a smooth and convenient experience. There is guaranteed to be a deposit option at BetDSI that fits your budget and personal preferences.

It is worth noting that if you made a deposit with a credit card, you will need to submit identification documentation before any withdrawal can be processed. You will just need to fill out a simple form with an imprint of your card in order to verify and protect your account, and you’ll typically have to show a government-issued picture ID (and/or a residential document, like a power bill receipt with your name on it). Below you will find the current payout options at BetDSI.

Cryptocurrencies – Cryptos are absolutely the best deposit methods for you to use at BetDSI. You can use Bitcoin, DASH, Ripple, and a large number of other cryptocurrencies. You will get bigger bonuses for using cryptos than any other deposit method. The minimum deposit is just $5 and there is no maximum deposit limit. That is the most generous offering we have seen from any sportsbook. Plus, using cryptos get money in and out of your account faster than any other method we will list out. We highly you give cryptocurrencies a try to deposit money into your account.

Credit/Debit Cards – If you forgot to deposit money before the big game, your credit/debit cards will instantly deposit cash into your account. The minimum deposit you can make with a card is $45 and you can deposit $3,000 daily, $6,000 weekly, and $9,000 monthly. If you are a VIP to the sight, you can be eligible for extended limits. Cards are the most easily accessible deposit method simply due to the fact that almost everyone has a card. It is extremely reliable as well, so we definitely recommend it.

Person-to-Person – Many sports bettors prefer person-to-person transfers because you can easily send money using a service like MoneyGram or Western Union. Right now, the minimum despot amount you can do is $100 and the maximum is $500. Go online or visit a location to complete the transfer to your online sports betting account.

Bank Wire Transfer - Bank wire transfers are a popular deposit option for high roller sports bettors. You have the convenience of sending funds directly from your bank account to the sportsbook, without having to drive to the teller window. The fees will vary by the amount, and the speed will also depend on how fast your bank approves the transaction. The current minimum is $5,000 and the maximum deposit limit is $50,000.

Check or Money Order – Perhaps the most basic of all methods, mailing in a check or money order is always an option. While the overall processing time is dependent upon the mail carrier, the security of personally shipping your funds is an appeal for some users. For either method, however, you should allow for up to two weeks of lead time before seeing your money credited to your BetDSI account. The deposit minimum is $500 and the maximum is $50,000.

BetDSI Withdrawal Methods

Arguably the most important aspect of any sportsbook experience, withdrawing your money should be fast and easy. That is why legal betting withdrawals are an important topic in our legal BetDSI sportsbook review. At BetDSI, there are various withdrawal options to make getting ahold of your winnings a quick and painless process. There are electronic methods and slightly more traditional options to fit your personal preferences.

Cryptocurrencies – Much like with our highly recommended deposit method, we highly suggest you use cryptos to withdraw money from your account. This is because of cryptos reign supreme when it comes to speed and security. One withdrawal is allowed per day, and you can take out a minimum of $100 or a maximum of $5000. If you need your money fast, then cryptos are the way to go.

Person-to-Person – Person-to-Person methods are best for those withdrawing smaller accounts. The online cashier will provide you with a reference number that you can take to a MoneyGram or Western Union retail location to retrieve your funds. You can make one PTP request per week. The minimum withdrawal is $100 while the maximum is $390. You will receive either a $25 fee or a $35 fee depending on how much you withdraw.

BankDraft – This deposit method allows you to receive a check in your mail. Although it is a bit slow because it could end up taking 15 business days to arrive, it is an extremely reliable and traditional way to withdraw your cash. There is a $100 fee for using this method, so be prepared for that. The minimum withdrawal is $500 and the maximum is $3,000.

Bank Wire Transfer – Much like with depositing, bank wire transfers are excellent if you have a large amount of money you want to withdraw. You can only make one withdrawal request per week and the fees go from $100 to $200 depending on how much you are withdrawing. It will take about 4 to 5 business days to reach your account, so it is one of the faster withdrawal methods. The minimum withdrawal is $500 and the maximum is $5,000.

Customer Support At BetDSI

Our legal BetDSI Sportsbook review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning customer care. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than having an issue and not being able to reach a service rep. BetDSI, however, offers an excellent customer service experience. There are different telephone numbers dedicated to opening accounts, placing wagers, and technical support to keep your wait times to a minimum. You can also reach a representative by email or use the convenient live chat feature. With live chat, you can be instantly connected with an agent without having to pick up the phone. All of the agents that we have interacted with at BetDSI have been knowledgeable and worked quickly to resolve concerns. If you are having any sort of trouble using BetDSI, we can promise you that customer support will do their best to fix the issue.

Telephone - 1-877-223-8374

Email -

Other Features Of

Though BetDSI has a comprehensive online sportsbook, the site has gaming options for all types of players. The site features an instant play casino where you can play slots and table games 24 hours a day. Some of the online casino games include blackjack, roulette, video poker, craps, bingo, and keno. The BetDSI online casino is available from your smartphone or tablet as well.

There is also the BetDSI racebook where you can bet on the Triple Crown and all the best thoroughbred horse racing action all over the world. When you join the BetDSI sports betting site, you can also use the same account to access all of their other gaming options. Just bear in mind that, as is typical in the industry, sportsbook bonuses do not apply to casino gaming or horse racing betting at at BetDSI. The website will give you the exact details on what bonuses apply to what you are gambling on.