Legal Connecticut Sports Betting Sites

The environment for legal sports betting in Connecticut is certainly ripe, particularly since the state boasts two of the largest, most famous casino resort destinations in the world in the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods properties. However, even though individual states are all empowered to legalize and regulate their own sports wagering industries, there has been surprisingly little movement so far in CT. This, primarily, is due to the Mohegan Tribe and the Mashantucket Pequot Nation both arguing that they – and not commercial interests in the state – own the exclusive rights to offer sports wagering products.

While this battle rages on, of course, CT residents have plenty of legal ways they can already wager on sports. This is because reputable offshore sportsbooks have been serving the Constitution State for decades, and over 750,000 residents are estimated to wager on sports each year. Though some invariably choose back-alley, black-market avenues to do so, the vast majority simply use offshore sites to get Vegas-style odds on teams from the US and abroad. These sites are free to join and offer all the best, freshest odds anywhere. So until the CT legislature totally legalizes the pastime, you should limit your participation to these top-rated online services.

Connecticut Sports Betting Laws

Currently, there are no specific sports betting laws on Connecticut books. The Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) cover existing gambling laws in §53-278a et seq. A quick perusal of the gaming laws in effect show that there are no considerations for “sports”, “sports betting”, “online” betting, or “Internet” wagering. These laws were clearly enacted at a time during which the federal government banned sports wagering (via the recently-overturned Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA). As a result, while residents and visitors are free to wager on sports in the state, there is no mechanism for sportsbooks to operate legally in Connecticut. Current congressional initiatives seek to change that.

Right now, two separate (but similar) laws are being considered in Connecticut: SB 17 and SB 665. SB 17 is more comprehensive, seeking to authorize sports betting, Internet gambling (including sports betting), and Internet Keno. However, the state is seeking to revise their existing compacts with the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes, which could be problematic. SB 665 is more narrow in scope, seeking only to “establish competitive sports wagering on certain sporting events.”

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Connecticut

As you can see, sports betting is not overtly or explicitly illegal in Connecticut. Instead, due to a lack of regulatory frameworks, it is merely unable to be offered in a legal capacity by licensed gambling venues. In other words, it is completely and unambiguously legal for CT residents to wager on sports – it is just unlawful for any bookmakers to operate in the state. As a result, those living in Connecticut who wish to wager on sports can actually do so right now, provided they use a reputable offshore provider.

Once Connecticut passes its sports betting legislation (which, despite pushback from the tribes, is basically a sure thing – it’s a matter of “when”, not “if”), residents will have more options than ever. In addition to being able to wager at the Mohegan Sun and the Foxwoods Resort, regulated, in-state Internet sports betting will also be offered, as this will maximize the pastime’s reach and revenue. Some gambling enthusiasts and users of the offshore legal betting sites might be concerned that CT sports betting legislation might seek to criminalize the use of overseas betting sites, but there is no precedent for such, and states are far more concerned with domestic competition rather than international competition.

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Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Connecticut

Once sports betting is formally legalized in Connecticut, you will be able to place bets and enjoy all the associated festivities at the sports betting lounges in the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods facilities. Additionally, there are sure to be off-site self-serve kiosks peppered throughout the state, and domestic Internet betting is a sure thing, too. Until then, however, the only places you can legally wager on sports in CT are the offshore sportsbooks that serve state residents.

Mohegan Sun
Mohegan Sun
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Foxwoods Resort Casino
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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Connecticut

In Connecticut, the legal age to bet on sports is undefined. However, the legal age to participate in casino gaming is 21. Additionally, all proposed sports betting legislation pegs 21 as the minimum age to take part in the activity. Technically, you can join and use most top offshore sportsbooks as long as you’re just 18 or older, but in order to show good faith with the spirit of CT law, it’s best to wait. Gambling underage is never a good idea.

Connecticut Sports Betting FAQ's

Is It Safe To Use Online Sportsbooks If You Live In Connecticut?

It is 100% safe and legal to use online sportsbooks in Connecticut, but you must make sure that you’re using only the most reputable sites out there. There are literally thousands of online sportsbooks to choose from, but most of these are fly-by-night, no-name operations that haven’t proven themselves to the CT betting community. Our recommended books have each been serving the Constitution State for more than 20 years, and they each boast millions of satisfied customers.

Has Anyone Ever Been Arrested For Betting On Sports Over The Internet In Connecticut?

No Connecticut resident has ever been cited, fined, arrested, or otherwise inconvenienced by any law enforcement entity just for wagering on sports over the Internet. The only way you’re at risk of getting in trouble with the law for anything betting-related is if you’re operating an actual sportsbook without a license. As long as you don’t go down that path, you’re in the clear.

What Should I Do If My Credit Or Debit Deposit Doesn’t Go Through?

If you try to deposit at an offshore sports betting site and your card is declined, don’t worry. You’re not in trouble, and your card will still work fine for other purchases. If this happens, you can either use a different card or a different payment type. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are popular (and vehemently recommended), but most books will also accept international Visa gift cards. You can also deposit via check, money order, or bank wire, though these methods take much longer and typically carry large added fees.

What Is The Best Way To Fund My Offshore Connecticut Sports Betting Account?

The very best way to get money into your offshore sportsbook account is to use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. All of the major online books accept Bitcoin, and most also accept popular altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Cardano, Stellar, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Crypto deposits are quick, easy, and never get rejected for any reason. Additionally, crypto deposit limits are quite high, making them appropriate for well over 99% of all bettors.

Can I Bet From My iPhone Or Android Phone In Connecticut?

Yes, but you cannot use a native, official app to do so. This is because Apple and Google do not allow overseas real-money gambling apps in their digital stores. Of course, this is hardly a negative. Since all the best offshore sports betting sites have tailor-made mobile interfaces for iPhone and Android users, you get all the benefits of a native sports betting app without any of the drawbacks (like having to run updates and security checks on how the apps actually use your data). Simply grab your phone, fire up Safari or Chrome, visit your sportsbook of choice, and enjoy thousands of daily odds all in the palm of your hand!

Do Legal Connecticut Online Sportsbooks Have In-Game Betting?

Yes, all of the reputable CT sportsbooks have in-game betting, also known as live betting. Instead of requiring bettors to put their Huskies picks in before the gals take the court, with live betting, you can get dynamic odds on UCONN action all game long. Live betting is available for almost every daily matchup across the board, and it’s by far the most entertaining and immersive new way to wager. Just remember to take your shot as soon as you see a line you like, because live betting odds change every few seconds to reflect the real-time pace of the game. Blink and your slam dunk could turn into an air ball!

Can I Use More Than One Offshore Sportsbook Account In Connecticut?

It is not only possible to use more than one offshore book, it is highly advisable. Whether you’re a seasoned CT bettor or brand new to the game, having accounts at multiple sports betting sites is the single biggest edge you can get. If you want to maximize your money, you definitely need to take advantage of your ability to shop around for the best lines available on any given wager. That said, please be advised: You may only have one account per sportsbook. Having duplicate accounts at the same Internet betting site violates their terms of service and will result in your account being banned and your deposited funds and pending payouts being forfeited.

Horse Racing Betting In Connecticut

Horse racing betting is legal in Connecticut, and there is a rich history of the Sport of Kings in the state. Indeed, in 1889, Charter Oak Park was the site of one of the first known “photo finishes,” where cutting-edge camera technology of the day was used to confirm race winners. Unfortunately, though horse racing gambling remains completely legal (and popular) in CT, there are no longer any active tracks for horse enthusiasts to enjoy. Instead, all CT horse betting is handled via simulcast off-track betting (OTB) facilities.

In 2012, online betting at Sportech’s OTB locations was approved, and the platform was implemented in 2013. In addition to the 16 Sportech OTB venues, CT residents can also bet on the ponies at the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos. (Simulcast jai alai betting and greyhound racing betting is also available at all these locales.) You can read more about Connecticut’s horse racing laws in CGS Chapter 226.

Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Connecticut

There are no current daily fantasy sports (DFS) laws in Connecticut, though the government in 2017 nominally passed a budgetary bill authorizing and assigning a tax revenue scheme to the practice. The DFS provisions in SB 1502 are still awaiting tribal certification, as required by law due to DFS being considered a gambling expansion. A different law to formally legalize DFS, HB 6400, was referred to committee in 2017, where it may potentially be revisited in the future.

All that said, though DFS is not officially “legal” in Connecticut, it is also not illegal. Thus, major DFS operators like FanDuel and DraftKings accept CT residents in their real-money tournaments. The minimum required age for DFS participants in CT is 18, set by the operators themselves. Once the pastime is made explicitly legal, this minimum could (but probably won’t) be raised to 21 years of age. | © 2019 | All Rights Reserved