Legal Delaware Sports Betting Sites

Ever since this state legalized land-based sports gambling, people have been heading towards Delaware sports betting sites in droves. Fittingly, the First State was the first state to legalize land-based sports betting once the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). In fact, Delaware was one of the few states partially exempt from the federal ban, to begin with, albeit their lottery was only allowed to administer 3-game NFL parlays. These did not really take off as the state could not implement single-wager bets. Nevertheless, because the Delaware Lottery already had the legal authority to offer sports wagering products, the rollout of full-service betting was extremely rapid.

Legal Delaware sports betting launched at all three of the state’s racino venues concurrently, just three weeks after PASPA was stricken from federal books. Since then, it has been smooth sailing for sports betting in Delaware, with residents now having easy access to both land-based sportsbooks and the same legitimate offshore betting sites they’ve been using over a decade. So far, it seems to be a harmonious arrangement. It is unknown when Delaware will fully implement online sports betting in the state but for now, online offshore sportsbooks will continue to be the best legal Delaware sports betting sites. In this page, we are going to go over the legality of these sites along with other topics regarding Delaware sports gambling.

Delaware Sports Betting Laws

Delaware has technically had legal sports betting since the 1980s, but the product was severely limited by PASPA in that it wasn’t allowed to grow in accordance with customer demand. By law, the only wagering product on offer was lottery-style parlay cards for NFL games, and this was too limited to be profitable. For many years after the federal ban went into effect, the Delaware Lottery didn’t even bother offering this Sports Pick product at all, despite its legal authority to do so. However, starting in 2009, Delaware unveiled their Sports Pick lotto product at the state’s three racetracks, and when the federal law was eliminated, the Sports Pick brand expanded to include full single-game wagering.

This has put the racino venues in the state in the position to offer the same sorts of wagers that legitimate, reputable offshore sportsbooks offer to First State residents. For decades, these overseas bookmakers had virtual monopolies on Delaware sports betting, giving them odds on just about everything state- and nationwide. That’s no longer true, and the climate for sports wagering in Delaware is all the better for it. But since there are no state-licensed online sportsbooks, offshore Delaware sports betting sites still have an advantage over what the state can offer. You can learn more about the Delaware Lottery’s rules and regulations here, and you can get a good feel for the state’s overall gambling laws by checking out §1401 et seq. of the Delaware Code.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Delaware

When it comes to the legality of Delaware sports betting as an activity itself, the only major law to be aware of as a bettor is that the state criminalizes those involved in “advancing gambling” without a license to do so. In other words, individual bettors are safe to place wagers at both in-state and offshore books, provided they do not assist in operating an actual sportsbook without a license. The Delaware Lottery claims that domestic online sports betting is actually legal in the state right now, but it has yet to roll out any online sportsbooks just yet. This is definitely on the horizon because it has been observable in states like New Jersey that online sports betting drives up taxable revenue.

There are no sports betting or gambling bill proposals in Delaware currently, and it seems unlikely that such would ever be necessary, given that the state lottery has a wide berth to oversee the industry as a whole. As such, Delaware is in a unique position, where new products and services associated with sports betting can be introduced one day to the next without any tedious congressional back-and-forth. This is a major benefit for sports betting enthusiasts in Delaware, as it lets the activity’s organic demand be the deciding factor for new wagering products of all kinds. This means that once sportsbooks and the Lottery are ready to launch online sportsbooks, there shouldn’t be any major delay or setbacks for it.

Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Delaware

There are only three venues that currently offer legal Delaware sports betting. These are the state’s three racinos, and while the state lottery runs the wagering show in the state, sports betting terminals are not yet installed at retail lotto locations. Whether this is in the cards at all remains to be seen, but for now, if you wish to wager on sports at a land-based facility in the First State, you’ll have to go to one of the sportsbook locations listed below.

Of course, if you can’t make the trip to any of these, that’s perfectly understandable. Most sports bettors wager on a daily basis, and it’s unrealistic to get out to the track every time you want to place a bet. In that case, you can always use an offshore sports betting site which lets you wager from home or via your smartphone no matter where in the state (or the rest of the US) you are. Convenience is king, but if the event is big enough – say something like the Super Bowl or Game 7 of the World Series – you should definitely consider enjoying the spectacle at your local racino’s sports betting lounge. Seeing as there is still no estimated time for when state-licensed online sportsbooks will launch, our recommended sportsbooks help fills that gap.

Casino @ Delaware Park
Casino @ Delaware Park
777 Delaware Park Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19804
(302) 994-2521

Sports bettors can participate in Vegas-style betting on all professional and college sports at the Casino @ Delaware Park Sportsbook. The casino proudly offers parlay cards that include teasers and pleasers across all available sports. There are a good number of televisions and odds boards in the casino. If you want to take your time with a bet, there are a large number of self-serving kiosks as well. Plus, players can rack up points on their player rewards card when they use the sportsbook at this casino. On top of the restaurants that surround this sportsbook, this location has plenty to offer for sports bettors.

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901
(302) 674-4600

If you are near Dover, then you can go to the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino Race & Sportsbook to place a bet on your favorite teams. The sportsbook is open most hours throughout the day and you must be 21 years or older to place a bet. There are ample seating area and a large video wall for you to watch sports games and horse races. The room is quite large, so there is plenty of space for sports bettors in this location. Plus, there is a bar in the sportsbook, so you could stay here for quite a while as you bet on sports.

Harrington Raceway & Casino
Harrington Raceway & Casino
18500 S Dupont Hwy, Harrington, DE 19952
(302) 398-4920

Harrington Raceway & Casino is home of Murphy’s Race/Sportsbook & Grill. Murphy’s has plenty to offer you while you are betting on sports. Not only is there a large odds board for you to use, but there is also plenty of seating in the sportsbook and it is surrounded by televisions. And as you might have figured out, there is a restaurant in the sportsbook to keep you well fed as you bet on sports. If you want food and to bet on sports, Murphy’s is the place to go to.

  • BetOnline Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • MyBookie Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States

Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Delaware

Like most states, the legal age to bet on sports in Delaware is 21 years old. However, if you wish to play the original Sports Pick parlay cards, you only have to be 18 (which is the same age you need to be to purchase lottery tickets). It is important to note that even though offshore sportsbooks websites will accept you as a member at just 18 or older, you should always err on the side of caution and go with your state’s mandated age. This is because they tend to follow local laws when it comes to accepting new players. If you remain safe and legal as you bet on sports, it is best for you to wait until you are 21 to place a bet on sports, no matter if you use a land-based option or one of our recommended online sportsbooks.

Delaware Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use For Delaware Residents?

Yes, online sportsbooks are absolutely safe to use for all Delaware residents. But, there are currently no state-licensed online sportsbooks in the state just yet. As such, you must use offshore sports betting sites in order to wager online in Delaware. Fortunately, these offer all the games and odds you expect, and in many cases, they’re even better than the physical betting experience available at Delaware brick-and-mortar locations. If you want the best sports betting experience in the state, we highly recommend you check out an online offshore sportsbook.

Has Anyone Ever Been Arrested For Betting On Sports In Delaware?

Nobody has ever been arrested just for betting on sports over the Internet in Delaware. In fact, the major offshore legal betting sites serving Delaware customers have each been in business for going on well over a decade now, and there is no record of a single patron ever having to deal with even the slightest legal hiccup. The only way you can get in trouble for sports betting in Delaware is if you’re actually running a bookmaking service without a state license or you are using a bookie to make your sports bets. The only legal methods to bet on sports in Delaware are the retail locations we mentioned above or using an offshore sportsbook.

What Should I Do If My Bank Doesn’t Process My Credit Or Debit Deposit?

This happens sometimes, albeit infrequently, and is a result of the UIGEA banking restrictions passed into law in 2006. If your debit or credit card is rejected when you try to make a deposit at an offshore sportsbook, don’t worry – you are NOT in trouble. Instead, your payment was simply rejected. You can try using another of your cards (if you have one), you can use a prepaid international Visa gift card, or you can use another deposit method like Bitcoin (our top choice), bank wire, cashier’s check, or money order.

What Is The Best Way To Fund My Delaware Sports Betting Account?

The best, easiest, and most secure way to fund your Delaware wagering account is to use Bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency. Altcoins accepted at most offshore sports betting sites include Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Stellar, and more. Each book has different cryptos it accepts, and most regularly expand these options. For those not using cryptocurrencies, credit and debit cards are quick and simple to use most of the time.

Do Delaware Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On NFL And NCAA Football?

NFL and NCAA football are the two most popular sports to wager on in the US, so you better believe that DE sports betting sites have tons of odds on these leagues. That said, please note that in Delaware, NCAA teams from the First State are not available to wager on at land-based or state-approved sportsbooks. If you wish to wager on the Fightin’ Blue Hens, for example, you will only be able to find action at offshore sports betting sites.

Can I Use Mobile Betting Apps In Delaware?

In a manner of speaking, yes. While not technically native iPhone or Android apps, the mobile betting “web apps” available to DE residents are functionally identical. The only difference is that instead of installing a stand-alone downloaded app, you access your favorite sportsbook’s mobile portal by simply visiting the site on your mobile device. This is actually better in a few key ways, as there’s never anything to be worried about updating, and your browser’s security is typically tighter than what third-party apps offer.

Do Legal Online Delaware Sportsbooks Have Live Betting?

Live betting (aka in-game betting) is the most popular new way to wager. Instead of having all your Eagles picks in before a given Sunday showdown, you can actually wager on the game during the action itself. This not only makes betting more immersive and interesting, but it also lets bettors alleviate bad pre-game picks and even double down on good bets. In-game betting might not be the best thing for brand new sports bettors, but if you’re looking to expand your chances to win, you owe it to yourself to try out the live betting in Delaware and at the online books serving the state.

Can I Join More Than One Online Sportsbook In Delaware?

You can absolutely join more than one online, offshore sportsbook in Delaware. However, be sure to only sign up at any individual site just once, as duplicate accounts are forbidden by all major operators. As long as you limit yourself to one membership per site, you are welcome at as many sites as you please. In fact, having such multiple memberships by far the biggest betting edge that any new bettor can get. Remember to always shop lines to find the best odds!You can absolutely join more than one online, offshore sportsbook in Delaware. However, be sure to only sign up at any individual site just once, as duplicate accounts are forbidden by all major operators. As long as you limit yourself to one membership per site, you are welcome at as many sites as you please. In fact, having such multiple memberships by far the biggest betting edge that any new bettor can get. There are plenty of benefits to having more than one online sportsbook account in Delaware.

What Is Shopping Lines?

Shopping lines is the reason why we recommend you open more than one sportsbook account. If you want to make the most money out of your sports bets, you need to have the best odds on your team. Although none of the sportsbooks we have recommended will give you bad odds, one will give you slightly better odds. Those odds could result in extra money flying towards you if you win. All the sports bettors in Delaware have multiple offshore accounts to make the most amount of money, and we highly recommend you follow their example.

Betting On Horse Racing In Delaware

Horse racing betting is completely legal in Delaware, and the three racinos in the state all have long racing seasons. Additionally, the three state tracks have all weathered the decades of dwindling national popularity in horse racing, and with their sports betting, slot machines, and forthcoming casino table games, they are sure to remain prime hotspots for generations to come.

Delaware Park, aka DelPark, is the state’s only Thoroughbred track, and the ponies are in season from May through October every year. Additionally, DelPark is the only venue on the Atlantic seaboard to offer Arabian horse races. Perhaps the most famous horse to ever run at DelPark was Triple Crown contender Barbaro, who broke his maiden at the track on October 4, 2005. The state’s other two tracks – Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway – are both limited only to harness races. Notably, Harrington Raceway is one of the US’ oldest tracks, opening in 1946.

You can view all of DE’s horse racing laws in Title 3, Chapter 101 of the Delaware Code, and you can check out the state’s Thoroughbred Racing Commission page here. Laws specific to Delaware Thoroughbred racing are also collected here.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Delaware

If you are a resident in Delaware, you might be enjoying daily fantasy sports (DFS) through sites like FanDuel or DraftKings. Even though you might be doing that, DFS is currently not regulated by the state. Delaware tried to pass RI HB 7825 in 2018 which would have allowed the state to regulate DFS in Delaware, but it ultimately failed. That doesn’t mean that DFS is now illegal in Delaware. All this really means is that DFS operators do not have to answer to Delaware government on how they operate within the state. Even if lawmakers do eventually enact DFS regulations, it is unlikely that it would affect how you are currently using those websites. Those interested in fantasy contests can continue using DFS sites as much as you want without any concerns of legality.