Legal Iowa Sports Betting Sites

Though there are no professional sports teams in the state, this doesn’t stop residents from enjoying benefits of legal Iowa sports betting sites. The state is more notably known for hosting the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum in Knoxville which preserves the history of spring car racing. But, with four Division 1 NCAA teams, Iowa residents have more to bet on than just car racing. The country has removed the illegal status of state-operated sportsbooks thanks to the successful appeal of PASPA in May 2018. With this change, states are able to conduct their own studies to determine whether or not to legalize the industry and how to regulate it as well.

In Iowa’s case, the state has spent the two years discussing making it happen – more so in the 2019 legislative session. This guide is to meant to give you a background of the history of sports betting laws in Iowa as well as the progression into legality. We will cover the legal betting age, horse race betting, and daily fantasy regulations on top of the information based around sports betting. At the end of this guide, you will understand all of your options when you are looking to wager and will be able to comfortably win big.

Iowa Sports Betting Laws

You will be happy to learn that there are actually no laws making sports betting against the law in Iowa. The Iowa Code discusses the general gambling laws over the course of a few chapters but fell back on prohibiting sports betting from the former oversight of PASPA. With this inability to police sports betting, Iowa residents are encouraged to check out legal betting sites that offer sports wagering. More of the gambling laws can be found in the Iowa Code Title III Chapter 99.

Casinos are permitted in the state but must be on riverboats (or within a specified distance from a shoreline). With both the east and west coasts of the state having a natural border from the Mississippi and Missouri River, respectively, you will find the majority of casinos located near these state lines. None of these places currently offer a regulated system to accept wagers on sporting events but they would most likely be the first ones, should legislators move forward with the aforementioned measures.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Iowa

Through the past two years, Iowa has taken the debate more serious about whether or not to bring the industry home. Some legislators believe that the industry should strictly take effect in tribal casinos while others suggest a more inclusive method for delivering the hobby. Like the town of Fort Atkinson, the US government must step in between native American tribes and agree to a compact to fairly distribute gaming funds. Now that the state also wants a cut, the challenge becomes even more difficult.

However, 2019 has seen the advancement of SSB 1168 which would permit sports betting at the racetracks and casinos of the state. This measure, though still in the Senate, has at least begun the discussion being sent to multiple committees for recommendations and approval. If enacted, Iowa residents would be able to wager on any professional or collegiate team (perhaps not Iowa college teams) without many restrictions. Offshore betting sites will still provide Iowa gamblers an outlet in the meantime and will even be useful when the state moves forward with a legal industry.

Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Iowa

Throughout the state, you will be able to find options for sportsbooks. The most popular areas will be where gaming has a strong presence such as Dubuque, Pottawattamie, Scott, and Woodbury counties. The Native American casinos in the cities of Onawa and Tama will also be popular destinations for bookmakers. In general, the options will extend not only to the land-based choices but with online operators as well. Keep in mind that local sportsbooks will usually provide worsened odds due to the locals only betting on one side of the action. Offshore legal betting sites can provide more of a variety with more favorable options.

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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Iowa

Across the board, the betting age for Iowa residents and visitors is set at 21. This includes all forms of gaming from lottery purchasing, betting on horses, casino-gaming, and even sports betting. Keep in mind that offshore betting sites will permit users to be 18 to sign up and wager. However, we suggest waiting until you are of Iowa betting age; therefore, any winnings you claim will be properly attained and not granted when you were technically gambling underage.

Iowa Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use If You Live Iowa?

Sportsbooks are safe to use no matter where you live in the country. Some operators will not accept players from certain states however, Iowa is not one of those states. These betting sites are safer than Winnebagos, which are manufactured in Forest City.

Has Anyone Been Arrested For Sports Betting In Iowa?

We have found no reference of a gambler being convicted or even arrested for gambling in Iowa on sports. There have been people taken in for operating sports betting businesses illegally, as this is not permitted under state laws. However, for those looking to bet and not accept the wagers, you will have no problems with licensed offshore betting sites.

What Is The Best Way To Fund Your Iowa Sports Betting Account?

Funding your sportsbook account is extremely simple. Unless you are a member of the largest Amish community west of the Mississippi, the Kalona community, you can fund your account with Bitcoin, credit card transactions, or wire transfers. Each site has different minimums, maximums, timeframes, and fees (if any), so be sure to check with the site cashier’s page.

Do Iowa Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On Football?

Sports betting sites will post more football odds than many other sports. With the influence and impact, football betting lines are one of the most popular selections for bookmakers. Whether you choose to bet on the Hawkeyes, Cyclones, Panthers, or Bulldogs, you will find limitless options from betting on them to win the game, the half, or quarter, or even betting on them to cover a certain propositional situation.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Phone In Iowa?

Mobile betting has become the standard when it comes to offshore sports betting sites for Iowa players. You can be taking a tour of Quaker Oats in Cedar Raids while reviewing the betting lines. As long as you have an internet connection and can access the mobile-optimized website, you will be able to gamble just as you would on the computer-based webpage.

Do Legal Iowa Online Sportsbooks Have Live Betting?

Live betting is another feature that has come standard with the advancement of mobile betting. This gives players the ability to bet on sports once the games have begun and yes, all legitimate operators boast live betting. Sometimes the Hawkeyes come out flat but they are still favored to win games. When this happens, look to capitalize on the slow start by taking a more favorable betting line.

Can I Have More Than One Online Sportsbook Account In Iowa?

Don’t put yourself on a sports betting site island. You can even be located on Iowa’s only island town, Sabula, and join multiple sites. With this, you will be granted the opportunity to find the best betting lines available. Each site post different odds and when you join many, you can determine which site will benefit you the most.

Betting On Horse Racing In Iowa

Betting on the ponies is accepted in Iowa and is fully regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. They ensure the horses are being fairly treated and evaluated as well as grant licenses to betting facilities and enforce the betting age of 21 years or older. Prairie Meadows is the premier horse racing track in the state and operates the racing industry from May until October.

This venue allows for both live and simulcast racing on both thoroughbred and quarter horse racing events. They are always running promotions from either the casino floor or racebook area. Check out their facilities on the days of major races like the Kentucky Derby, Iowa Classis, or Quarter Horse Championship to find some of the best entertainment in the state. Races take place on Thursdays to Saturdays and this one-mile track will be sure not to disappoint. The casino and hotel are open 24 hours and do not charge for parking or the shuttle that brings you to the track.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Iowa

The aforementioned 2019 bill, SSB 1168, would also look to legalize daily fantasy sports in Iowa. The state holds DFS as illegal per recent discussions on the matter but has been looking to change that status for nearly a half-decade. 2018 saw a bill filed from the previous year that looked to legalize the industry; however, it did not pass. 2018 HF 613 did not even make it out of the committee, which showed the true colors of the DFS industry in Iowa.

Players will not find any operator that offers their DFS services. No matter if the contest is free or paid-entry, there are no operators currently in the state. This is likely to change once the state brings forth a more favorable opinion on the matter. Keep in mind that if you live near the border of Iowa, you can cross state lines to enter into contests. Every neighboring state may not have a legal DFS industry, but they still permit operations to occur. Missouri is the one exception, where only a certain number of operators allow for players to participate. | © 2019 | All Rights Reserved