Legal Maine Sports Betting Sites

While it may seem like the Pine Tree State is far removed from the sports world, legal Maine sports betting sites continue to be prevalent amongst residents. Sports fans in the area are well known for cheering on New England teams such as the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins. And with the number of championships shared between those teams, it’s no wonder that fans in the Northeast love to bet that they will win it all again. This is a big reason why sports betting has been brought to the table by state officials, but no proposal has been signed into law quite yet. Trying to figure out where to host legal sports betting sites in ME along with which teams you can bet on remain in question.

However, there are sites that are available throughout the state and will let you bet on any teams you like, including some collegiate sports programs in Maine. They are available online and are based in countries overseas. They don’t have to wait on state officials and some have been accepting players from Maine for over a decade now. We’ll explain how they’re able to do so along with providing a quick glimpse into the state’s gambling laws. We’ll even answer some common questions when it comes to using these sites and explain the legality of horse race betting and daily fantasy sports as well.

Maine Sports Betting Laws

While Maine sports betting laws have yet to be formally written, there are gambling statutes that provide a reference to go by. Title 17-A, Chapter 39 defines gambling in the state of Maine and also provides the penalties associating with unlawful gambling. It is then up to the state’s Gambling Control Board to make sure that all parties comply with the law and their direct duties are listed in Title 8, Chapter 31. The laws allow for horse race betting, traditional gaming at either one of it’s two commercial casinos, charitable gaming such as bingo and raffle nights held by non-profit organizations, and a state-commissioned lottery. The state does have four federally recognized Native American tribes, but they have not yet been permitted to open up their own casinos.

However, there is no specific mention of sports betting and no punishment set for those who use online offshores sports betting sites. It is because of this legal gray area that so many residents have turned to them as their solution when trying to place a wager on an upcoming sports matchup. These are the only legal sites for bettors in Maine to use because using a local bookie would violate state law and using an online sports wagering that's based in another state would be violating federal law.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Maine

The legality of sports betting in Maine is seen by many as unclear due to the lack of its language in the current state statutes. Although, there has been a bill introduced to clarify the rules of the activity moving forward. Maine Senate Bill S 553 is a placeholder bill that was filed in the 2019 legislative session in order to create clear guidelines for what legal Maine sports betting sites may look like. However, the bill has not seen much action due to the fact that state officials are still unsure as to whether to grant the activity to the Native American tribes, off-track betting sites, or the two commercial casinos. Other factors such as the tax rate and licensing fees are also still being discussed.

Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Maine

For the moment, if you’re looking for where to legally bet on sports in Maine you will have to turn online and look for reputable online offshore sportsbooks. These are the only sites that avoid the purview of both state and federal law and will accept any players from the Pine Tree State. If and when gambling on sports becomes regulated in Maine you will more than likely be able to do so at the state’s commercial casinos, since they would be the entities most likely to afford any costs that may come with expanding their gaming operations.

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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Maine

The legal age to bet on sports in Maine is more than likely 21 years old or older. The reason we can’t give you a definitive answer is because there is no age directly assigned in the state laws for this particular activity. In order to gamble in the state’s casinos, you have to be 21 or older and because sports betting is often seen as a casino-style game it would be safe to assume that the age restriction would be the same for it. Online offshore sportsbooks have an age restriction of their own and require that players are above the age of 18. However, we recommend that you stick with the highest required gambling age in Maine so that you can avoid any potential trouble in the future.

Maine Sports Betting FAQ's

Has Any Been Arrested For Sports Betting In Maine?

People in Maine can potentially be arrested for setting up their own sportsbook operations and taking in bets. However, according to the state’s records, no one has been arrested for simply placing wagers to online offshore sportsbooks. That is because there are no punishments written for people who use this method to wager on upcoming sports matchups and those betting sites fall outside the jurisdiction of the federal government.

Are There Any Fees For Using My Credit Card To Fund My Sports Betting Account In Maine?

Unfortunately, there are fees for using your credit card. Although, these fees are usually not charged by the online offshore sports betting site. These usually come from your bank assessing international transactions fees on top of your deposit. These fees can range from 3% to possibly 9% depending on your card issuer and the type of card you’re using. Make sure to ask your local bank in Maine what they charge for international transactions to find out the exact amount.

Which Events Do Maine Sports Betting Sites Have Odds For?

Even though the state of Maine does not have any professional sports teams in its borders, online offshore sports betting sites will allow residents of the Pine Tree state to bet on any professional team in every major league. When viewing the betting sites that are legal, you will find odds for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL. You may even be able to find odds for the University of Maine Black Bears, depending on the magnitude of the game.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Phone In Maine?

Yes, you can bet on sports from your mobile phone in Maine. This is extremely convenient during the winter in days that you may be stuck in the snow. It is convenient when you need to make a last-minute bet and you don’t have access to a desktop or laptop computer in time to fill out a betslip. The full capabilities of these sites can be found on any mobile device with an internet connection.

Can I Have More Than One Online Sportsbook Account In Maine?

Yes, and in fact, it is actually highly encouraged to do so. The reason being is that not every sportsbook has the same betting lines or the same payout as the other, so having multiple accounts allows you to shop lines and make sure that you’re getting the best deal. One site may have the Patriots favored at -7 while other sites may have them listed at only -5. You get to choose whichever line you feel more comfortable with.

Betting On Horse Racing In Maine

Even though sports betting isn’t clearly defined in the state laws, betting on horse racing in Maine is. The state allows for harness racing and the full scope of the rules surrounding the activity can be found in Title 8, Chapter 11 of the Maine Statute. There are two harness racing tracks in Maine which include Scarborough Downs and Bangor Race Way. The Maine State Harness Racing Commission is in charge of making sure they comply with the state’s regulations. The Bangor Raceway is actually apart of the Hollywood Casino Hotel which is located in the city of Bangor. The venue provides gaming opportunities to many visitors because along with the traditional casino games to partake in and the live races that are hosted there, guests are also able to bet on simulcast races. This means that whether a race is happening in the state, or a thousand miles away, you’ll be able to bet on it.

However, getting to the tracks is not always an ability that pari-mutuel bettors have in the state. In that case, you can still access a solid racebook from the same online offshore betting sites that you use to wager on sports. These racebooks will also be able to provide an opportunity to bet on races happening all over the country and all over the world.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Maine

Daily fantasy sports in Maine is an activity that has actually been formally legalized and is currently regulated. Unlike many states who do not regulate the activity and instead allow DFS sites to accept their residents without paying any fees, Maine saw DFS as a great way to collect additional tax revenue. L 1329, now known as Section 1.8 MRSA c. 33, was a bill that allowed for the regulation of daily fantasy sports in Maine. It required an initial registration fee of 10% of the fantasy contest operators revenues preceding 12 months to the law's enactment and was not to exceed 5,000 dollars. The annual renewal fee for these sites is the same as the initial fee. The fees are substantially lower as compared to other states which is why so many operators such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo are currently accepting players from Maine right now. Daily fantasy sports are most popular during the NFL season, but there are other contests available all year round.