Legal Michigan Sports Betting Sites

Legal Michigan sports betting sites have been a hot topic for state officials for years. Passionate sports fans in the Detroit area would love to bet on any one of the city’s four professional sports teams and the same goes for Michigan or Michigan State fans. Michigan is already home to three commercial casinos, 23 tribal casinos, and two horse racing tracks that allow for pari-mutuel wagering. The Wolverine state is also one of the few places in the country that actually offers its residents an online lottery. With this wide array of gambling options, expanding to also include sportsbooks only seems likely to happen soon.

But, eager fans likely won’t want to wait until legislators are able to pass a bill allowing for land-based sports wagering options. The good news is that they don’t have to, because legal online sports betting sites in Michigan already exist. There are Odds for the Lions making the playoffs, to the Wolverines beating the Buckeyes, the Spartans making a March Madness run, and more. We’ll go over where exactly you can find these legal betting sites, but more importantly, we’ll go in-depth into all of the current gambling laws in the state. We’ll even discuss laws concerning daily fantasy sports and betting on horses.

Michigan Sports Betting Laws

Michigan sports betting laws are some of the more relaxed laws in the country. The Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act of 1996, or MCL 432.201 to 432.226, essentially lays out the ground rules for gambling in the state. The Act was approved by state voters for the sake of legalizing non-tribal casinos in Detroit. There are now three main casinos in the city as a means to compete with nearby city Ontario. However, the state still has a tribal compact set with the state’s Native America Tribes that allows them to offer Class III gaming. Having any commercial casinos in a state that also has a tribal compact is a rare sight to see.

When it comes to sports betting however, neither entity has been allowed to offer it. The current state laws make no mention of the activity, which is why lawmakers have tried to pass bills in recent years to clarify the language. The state laws also don’t mention anything about residents using online offshore sports betting sites. There are also no penalties set for these bettors, which is why many sports fans in Michigan feel safe when placing their wagers with them.

It is possible that the Michigan casinos move forward with legalization before the commercial casinos, though. We could see something in Michigan happen just like what happened in New Mexico – a tribal casino offering sports betting through previously agreed upon tribal compacts. In New Mexico’s case, the language was established that Class III gaming (which sports betting is under) is accepted at their sportsbook. Michigan tribal casinos could take this leap of faith or just wait on the legislators to enact a regulatory and taxation system.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Michigan

As we mentioned above, legislators have worked to attempt to legalize sports betting in Michigan. Both the 2018 and 2019 sessions saw active bills submitted, but neither of the years did anything serious come out of it. 2019 MI HB 4311 made it as far as the committee level but never even made it to a vote on the House Floor. It is assumed that with states surrounding Michigan such as Illinois and Indiana offering legal sports betting, the state will want to gain their own tax revenue by legalizing.

All that said, it doesn’t matter that much, since you can legally use an offshore betting site. Given that it is already not a criminal act for an individual bettor to wager on sports in the state, these sites are effectively also legal. This is because they operate outside of the scope of the US legal system and are entirely under the sole legal jurisdiction of their home countries. As long as the US doesn’t have an active trade embargo against the country where your sportsbook of choice is based, you are perfectly eligible to use that site to place real-money wagers and receive real-money payouts.

Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Michigan

When Penn National Gaming Purchased the Greektown Casino-Hotel located in Detroit, many believed that it would host a sportsbook soon after. However, because the sports betting bills did not make any headway, land-based sportsbooks were still not allowed anywhere in the state. It isn’t all doom and gloom though, because online offshore sportsbooks are still available for MI residents and often times will have better odds than any land-based option. Not only that, but they often have betting lines for more teams. This means that even if you’re a fan of the Grand Rapids Griffins you’re more likely to find odds for their games online than you would in a casino.

  • BetOnline Sportsbook
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  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
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  • MyBookie Sportsbook
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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Michigan

The legal age to bet on sports in Michigan isn’t explicitly written in the state laws which is why many people often use the legal age for other gambling activities as a guide. The state lottery and horse tracks will accept bettors as young as 18, but in order to gamble at any casino, you have to be 21. Online sports betting sites in Michigan will often set their age limit to 18 or older, however in order to be safest using these sites it is wise to go by the highest gambling age listed by the state.

Michigan Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks That Are Available In Michigan Regulated?

The offshore sportsbooks that are mentioned before are in fact regulated, but not by the state of Michigan. Instead, they are overseen by the regulatory bodies of the countries in which they operate. This helps to ensure that all of the website’s users are protected and that the site is fair in all of its dealings.

Is It Safe To Use Bitcoin For Legal Michigan Sports Betting Sites?

Absolutely, and it is quickly becoming the preferred method for sports bettors in MI. The reason being is that because the currency is decentralized there is no banking institution to stop payments from going to the sports betting site, or to you. This means your bank in Michigan can’t stop you from accepting your potential winnings. These transactions are also often made in the same day, making it the fastest way to deposit money or withdraw funds from your online sports betting account.

Do Michigan Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On Teams Outside The State?

While many sports bettors in Michigan love to bet on their home team, they should know that legal betting sites in Michigan offer odds on teams all over the country and across the globe. This means that betting on the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, as well as collegiate teams are all at your disposal. Each site also varies in the total amount of sports offered so you may be able to find a team outside the US you want to bet on as well.

Do Legal Michigan Online Sportsbooks Have Live Betting?

Live betting is a feature that is included on most of the top offshore legal online sportsbooks in Michigan. These sites are able to process key stats of the game quickly and update odds as the game unfolds. This means that even if you bet on the Red Wings before the game started, you can keep betting even after the initial puck drops. This feature is also often times available through your mobile device as well so you can make these types of bets even if you’re watching the game in Little Caesars Arena.

Can I Have More Than One Online Sportsbook Account In MI?

You will have plenty of options when searching for online offshore sportsbooks in Michigan and it is often encouraged to join more than one site. Each site varies in their odds and also varies in the types of promos and rewards they offer. In order to make sure you get the best lines and the best bonuses, you will want to join multiple sites.

What Is The Best Way To Shop Lines?

Shopping lines is easiest when you have an account with multiple sportsbook operators. A site like Bovada may post the odds for the Lions to win at -130, while a site like BetOnline may post the odds for the Lions to win at -105. These differences make for the best opportunities to save (and make) more money in the long run. Make sure to always scan a variety of legal betting sites before placing your action.

What Bonuses Are Offered With Legal Betting Sites?

Bonuses are offered by every legitimate online sportsbook. Any state-licensed sportsbook cannot come close to what these international offshore sportsbooks offer, from their welcoming bonuses to free (risk-free) wagers and reload bonuses. Every site we recommend has their own share of bonuses and promotions, so be sure to check out their benefits before signing up. Every one of them will give you anywhere from a 50-100% match on your first deposit but read the terms and conditions too, as they explain details such as expiration dates and withdrawal rules.

Is Mobile Betting Available With Every Online Sportsbook?

All of the reputable sportsbooks have mobile betting. The ones we recommend on this page do not require a download to gain access but instead, are found by visiting their webpage from your mobile browser. You can do anything you want on the mobile platform including reviewing lines, making a deposit/withdrawal, and most importantly, actually take action. If and when Michigan approves mobile betting, they will be restricted to in-state wagering only per a federal law known as the Wire Act. With offshore betting sites, you can wager from anywhere in the world and on any team.

Betting On Horse Racing In Michigan

Betting on horse racing in Michigan is often seen as a fun family activity, given the fact that the legal age to do so is as young as 18 years or older. MI residents have the option of taking a trip to either one of the state’s tracks and betting on either the horses racing there that day or on horses racing outside the state by use of simulcast bets. Rules concerning those out of state bets and comprehensive guide into the state’s horse racing industry can be found in the Horse Racing Law of 1995. The Michigan Gaming Control Board is also responsible for maintaining these laws and ensuring the safety of all pari-mutuel wagers in the state.

One of the tracks that they have to oversee is the famous Northville Downs Race track located just outside of Detroit. Not only do they a go-to destination to watch live Harness racing, but they also have 350 TVs showing all the latest sports matchups. For Thoroughbred race fans, they will have the option to go to Sports Creek Raceway in Swartz Creek to watch the action. But, if you want to bet on these races and can’t make it to the track it’s no problem. The same legal online offshore betting sites MI residents use to bet on sports also feature an all-inclusive racebook.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Michigan

Right now, those that want to use daily fantasy sports in Michigan can do so with no fear from the law. All of the top DFS sites accept players from MI and allow you to create your own leagues. The activity, however, is unregulated. There were former bills introduced to regulate the activity back in 2017. Both MI S 462 and MI S 461were introduced as a way for the state to capitalize on DFS operators and users but those bills did not get enough traction to stir up any real noise.

There are no taxes or fees imposed on DFS operators which is why so many of them have rushed into the Michigan sports betting market. There haven’t been any bills introduced to stop them from doing so since 2017 so it’s safe to assume that they will keep serving MI residents for the foreseeable future. Most DFS users look forward to football season where they will be able to bet with their friends and potentially win by watching NFL football.