Legal Missouri Sports Betting Sites

Legal Missouri sports betting sites are something you may be able to find in the state sooner than later. Both House representatives and members of the Senate have recently shown interest in formally legalizing and regulating the activity and they have for good reason. Missouri is home to one of the hottest teams in the NFL teams, one of the winningest MLB teams, and a top tier Division 1 SEC collegiate sports program. On top of that, they have more River Boat casinos than any other state, which provide millions in tax revenue. However, sports betting can often be slowed by multiple parties seeking a part of the action, whether that be sports leagues wanting integrity fees, casinos wanting exclusivity, and sportsbook operators vouching for mobile betting.

However, while state officials try to figure out the best course of action, you can take action at plenty of legal MO sports betting sites right now. That is because those legal betting sites are found online and are operated in countries overseas whose regulatory bodies have approved them to accept Missouri bettors. We know this might sound too convenient to be true, but it isn’t. We’ll go over the legality of the online sports wagering sites, what the age restrictions are for using these sites, along with how to make the most of your bets. We’ll even briefly discuss the state laws concerning pari-mutuel wagering and daily fantasy sports.

Missouri Sports Betting Laws

The first thing you should do before you try to bet online is to familiarize yourself with the Missouri sports betting laws. The only problem is, there are no state laws that specifically mention betting on sports. MRS §572.020 defines the penalties associated with unlawful gambling but does not assign a penalty for using online offshore sportsbooks. The types of gambling activities that are explicitly stated and allowed are casino gaming at River Boat casinos located on the Mississippi River, pari-mutuel wagering on horses, charitable gaming such as bingo/raffles, and playing the state’s lottery. However, bookmaking is illegal so knowingly placing bets with a local bookie will put you and that person in danger.

In order to avoid Missouri sports betting laws altogether, your best option will be to use online offshore sportsbooks. There are no penalties assigned for using these sites and the state has no control over the operations of that site. The state’s legal jurisdiction is only effective for the businesses and individuals located in the state’s borders. Seeing as how these sites operate in different countries altogether, state officials have no authority over whether or not they accept MO residents. This is why so many residents feel safe when using offshore online sports betting sites in Missouri.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Missouri

The legality of sports betting in Missouri has been tried to be cleared recently by members of both the House and Senate. Between the two chambers, there were eight bills introduced in the hopes of formally legalizing and regulating sports betting. In the Senate MO SB 1009 and MO SB 1013 both tried to provide rules for ho sportsbook licensing would work and how taxes would be addressed concerning this expansion of gaming. On the other side House Bill MO HB 2320 would have set the Missouri gaming commission as the regulatory body over sports betting and MO HB 2535 would have legalized Missouri based online sports betting platforms. Although, none have been signed into law and all of them failed to address the online offshore sports betting sites that are available to MO residents now.

Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Missouri

Even though riverboat casinos would like to host sportsbooks in MO someday, they are not the current place to go in order to legally bet on sports in Missouri. As of now, your only choice to place bets and feel safe in doing so is with online offshore sportsbooks. These sites are only a few clicks away on your computer, or a few taps away on your smartphone. Although, be sure to do your research when looking for your most trusted and most popular options.

  • BetOnline Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • MyBookie Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States

Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Missouri

Since state lawmakers haven’t set an official age quite yet, the legal age to bet on sports in Missouri can only be speculated. Most people believe the age to do so is for those 21 years or older since that is the age required at riverboat casinos, while others believe that it is as young as 18. Online offshore sportsbooks will accept MO residents as young as 18 years old, however, we recommend that you wait a few extra years to save yourself from any potential trouble.

Missouri Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use If You Live Missouri?

Absolutely, but only if those online sportsbooks are based in countries overseas. This is because due to a federal law called the Wire Act, MO residents are not allowed to use an online sportsbook that is located in another state. However, as is with state law, federal laws have no jurisdiction over the actions of a business located outside of US borders. As long as you verify that the site is located offshore, you should be safe to bet on the Tigers, the Cardinals, or whichever team you’re a fan of.

What Should I Do If My Bank Didn't Process My Credit Or Debit Card Deposit?

This minor inconvenience is actually a problem that many of the top online offshore sportsbooks are familiar with. This is because the federal law titled the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act prevents non-exempt banking institutions from processing payments with unregulated websites. Your bank in Missouri might be one of these non-exempt financial institutions. If that is the case just contact the sportsbook cashier and let them know your issue, they will usually provide you with multiple ways to make deposits into your account.

What Is The Best Way To Fund Your MO Sports Betting Account?

During football season, the odds for the Chiefs to beat their opponent change from week to week and in order to hop on the most favorable odds you will want to do so quickly. That is why we believe that the best way to fund your MO sports betting account is through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Because this currency is decentralized there are no banks that might deny the transaction. Deposits and withdrawals can be processed in under 24 hours and the limits to your deposits can reach up to $25,000 dollars on certain sites.

Do Missouri Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On College Football?

Some states that have formally legalized sports betting, such as New Jersey, do not allow people to bet on the state’s college football teams. However, online offshore sportsbooks will offer odds on almost every major college football game every Saturday throughout the season. If you’re looking to place a bet on the Missouri Tigers to beat the Florida Gators than you can. You can even bet on them to win the whole SEC East division before the season starts for a pretty sizable payout.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Phone In Missouri?

You can, indeed. Betting from your mobile phone in Missouri allows you to watch Blues game in Enterprise Center and bet on it as you watch. All of the top online offshore sportsbooks will offer a mobile-friendly version of their site and will even offer full features such as live betting and player prop betting on some of your favorite Missouri sports teams and players.

Betting On Horse Racing In Missouri

Betting on Horse Racing in Missouri is a common type of wagering that even kids in high school could partake in. That’s because even though the legal age to gamble in the state’s casinos is 21 and up, betting on the ponies is welcome to those who are 18 and older. Although horse racing fans won’t be able to go to a track to watch a race live. There are no current racetracks in the state, so the only way to watch the races is through some simulcast channel. There are also no off-track betting sites so the only places to be able to enjoy this past-time would be to look into a riverboat casino.

However, since you can’t watch the races live, and heading to a casino can prove to be inconvenient, you may as well place your wagers online. The same online offshore sports betting sites that we previously mentioned before also come with their own racebooks. These racebooks allow you to bet on all the major races in the US including the Triple crown, while also providing a chance to bet on horses racing outside the country. Whether you’re a hardcore horse racing fan or just a casual bettor who wants a convenient way to win on an upcoming race, you can do so simply by logging on to an online offshore sports betting site.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Missouri

If you’re the type of sports bettor that likes to get your friends involved in the action, or if you’re constantly up to date on all the latest player stats, then you may be a daily fantasy sports player. Being one in Missouri is totally fine because the status of daily fantasy sports in Missouri is still in a bit of a gray area. While certain DFS operators like FanDuel and DraftKings accept players from the state, other ones such as Yahoo sports don’t. The state tried to clear the air about the activity when House bill H 1390 was introduced but it ultimately did not change the paid-entry fantasy sports law that was already in place.

However, you can feel safe in using the services of DFS providers that do accept you because any penalties that would result in this action would fall on them and not the individual player. Currently, these sites are operating unregulated which means they do not have to pay the state of Missouri taxes. This provides a sweet deal for them and it seems that doing business in a state like Missouri is actually more profitable than a place like Pennsylvania where they do have regulations. Both the legal MO DFS sites and the players in Missouri are reaping the benefits of one of the fastest-growing gambling activities in the country.