Legal New Jersey Sports Betting Sites

Though there are no state-regulated sportsbooks just yet, there are still legal New Jersey sports betting sites that residents can use to bet on sports. As the state became the second to legalize casino gambling behind NV in 1976, NJ has long been considered a pioneer of the gaming industry. More recently, their efforts have been to completely legalize and harness the revenue that regulated sports betting could provide. Though residents have a vast selection of offshore sportsbooks to choose from right now, state legislators are working to provide more options on both the online and land-based front.

Their struggle to regulate legal sports betting began back in 2012 when they passed legislation to legalize sports betting in the state, only to have the move blocked in court by professional sports leagues that cited PASPA as a major roadblock. This, naturally, prompted the Garden State to legally battle their case all the way to SCOTUS.

Currently, the state’s case against PASPA is being considered by the Supreme Court. Representing the hopes of all those in favor of legal sports betting, New Jersey is facing off in the highest court against professional sports leagues and the NCAA to fight for the future of legal sports betting in the United States. So, if nationwide legal sports betting is indeed on the horizon, as many seem to think, it will be largely thanks to New Jersey.

New Jersey Sports Betting Laws

New Jersey’s relationship with sports betting legislation is unique, to say the least. Though the state has attempted to pass New Jersey sports betting laws twice, none have yet to be enforced. The most recent bill was NJ S2460, which repealed New Jersey’s ban on betting on sporting events.

At current, New Jersey is battling in SCOTUS to bring into effect their sports betting regulations and revive their Atlantic City gaming environment. Essentially, NJ is looking to repeal their state-level prohibitions and allow sports betting, but, professional sports leagues are opposing such a move by way of PASPA, which is the federal blanket ban that New Jersey is attempting to circumvent.

Federal Laws That Impact New Jersey Sports Betting

As is the case in all states, there are three major laws that impact legal sports betting in New Jersey. First, the Wire Act of 1961 set the precedent for major prohibitions on sports betting. The Wire Act targeted betting businesses, essentially outlawing their use of wire communications to send and receive sports betting information, which effectively crippled their practice.

Another law that impacts the way sports betting operates in New Jersey is the UIGEA, or the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. This law passed in 2006 and largely pertains to the financial aspect of betting businesses, stating that no online gambling site can knowingly accept payments from regions wherein such gambling is illegal. A common misconception is that the UIGEA makes legal New Jersey sports betting sites illegal. This could not be further from the truth, as the federal law is only a banking restriction for U.S. financial institutions

What Is PASPA?

PASPA, or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, is the largest hurdle New Jersey faces in respect to legal sports betting. Passed in 1992, PASPA effectively outlaws the act of sports betting in the United States.

PASPA is more relevant than ever today, as it’s being challenged in SCOTUS by the state of New Jersey. As mentioned earlier, New Jersey is attempting to permit sports betting within their state, and PASPA stands directly in the way.

The case against PASPA is that it may be an inherently unconstitutional law given that it provides exemptions for four states (Oregon, Delaware, Montana, and Nevada) while all other states are robbed of the ability to likewise profit from regulated sports betting. The federal government has a duty to provide equal treatment to all states, a duty which some say PASPA blatantly ignores.

What Is The Game Act?

The GAME Act, or Gaming Accountability and Modernization Enhancement Act, is basically the antithesis of PASPA. While PASPA gave us a nationwide ban on legal sports betting, the GAME Act is proposed legislature that would repeal PASPA and provide a framework for regulating legal sports betting across the board. Legal New Jersey sports betting sites would be regulated by the state instead of offshore sportsbook operators.

In order to regulate legal sports betting, the GAME Act would grant oversight control to the Federal Trade Commission. Proponents of the GAME Act cite modernization as a major aim, in stark contrast to the outdated and muddy laws we currently have. Since an estimated $400 billion illegal gaming market is currently unregulated, the GAME Act would hopefully help the US turn the corner toward regulated legal sports betting revenue. The bill is currently in early draft stages.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In State?

Online sports betting is the saving grace for American sports bettors, New Jersey residents included. While you won’t find any local or land-based sportsbooks, New Jersey residents are perfectly free to venture online and seek out offshore legal New Jersey sports betting sites. Sites like Bovada, BetOnline and 5Dimes are the ones to check out first.

Far from a limited experience, the industry leading online sportsbooks offer an incredibly rich legal sports betting platform, complete with dozens of different sports and leagues to choose from. Whether betting on Rutgers or the Devils, you’ll find plenty of wagers to safely and legally place at the top online sports betting sites.

Mobile Sports Betting Apps For New Jersey Bettors

Once again, the industry leading legal New Jersey sports betting sites have you covered! Most reputable online sports betting sites offer their own mobile experiences, designed to mimic their full desktop interfaces. While these aren’t technically ‘apps’, they are mobilized versions of your favorite sportsbooks made to fit nicely within your phone’s screen.

Since convenience is the name of the game in our modern age, you’ll feel empowered having unlimited sports betting action at your fingertips. You can bet on the New York Giants and all of your other favorite teams with just a few swipes.

What Is The Legal Age To Gambling In New Jersey?

The legal age to gamble in New Jersey is consistent with the industry standard, which is 21 years old. This applies to the legal New Jersey sports betting sites that are based offshore as well, and you will be asked to verify your age upon signing up.

Any attempt to falsify your age is a big no-no, and the penalties for it range from a lifetime ban to the forfeiture of any winnings. It should go without saying, but the smart move here is to obey the law and wait until you’re 21 before taking any shots at legal online sports betting.

Legal New Jersey Betting Sites

  • BetOnline Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • BetDSI Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States
  • 5Dimes Sportsbook
  • Accepts U.S. Players From All 50 States

New Jersey Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use If You Live In New Jersey?

Legal online sportsbooks are as safe to use in New Jersey as they are anywhere else, so yes, they are absolutely safe for New Jersey residents. Legally speaking, offshore sportsbooks are free and clear to operate in the US, so there’s no need to worry.

Beyond the legal side of things, all you need to do is stick with well-tested, consumer reviewed legal New Jersey sports betting sites and you’ll have no problems. Industry leaders that we’ve found include all-stars like Bovada, BetOnline and 5Dimes, all of which boast impeccable safety and customer satisfaction records.

Has Any Been Arrested For Sports Betting In New Jersey?

Nope, there is no record of anyone being arrested for placing a bet in the state of New Jersey. This is perhaps both the most common fear and misconception that surrounds sports betting. There is no precedent for gambling laws or gambling enforcement that targets individual sports bettors. The laws are written to target the operators of illegal betting businesses, not the bettors themselves. So, rest assured, especially since you’ll be using legal New Jersey sports betting sites that are based offshore anyways.

What Should I Do If My Bank Didn't Process My Credit Or Debit Card Deposit?

The easiest thing to do if your bank has trouble processing your card deposits is to simply try another method. While card payments can be hit and miss depending on the sports betting site, payment processor, and card company, other methods like Bitcoin have an unflinching success rate. So, if you’ve tried multiple times to complete a card deposit with no luck, it may be time to explore other, more convenient, deposit methods. Legal New Jersey sports betting sites offer other methods like checks and bank wires.

What Is The Best Way To Fund Your Sports Betting Account?

Most offshore sportsbooks offer plenty of various options for funding your legal online sports betting account. If we had to choose a top dog amongst the ranks, it would have to be Bitcoin. As the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin offers a level of efficiency and safety that no other payment method can.

While other methods may take a few days to process and carry a small percentage fee, Bitcoin allows you to deposit funds almost instantly and skips any unnecessary processing fees. And, since the currency lives entirely online, it interacts most smoothly with your favorite online sportsbooks.

Do Online Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On Football?

You bet they do! All of the top legal New Jersey sports betting sites feature a wide-range of betting odds, from tennis to hockey to football and back again. Sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and 5Dimes are not only the safest and easiest to use, but they also feature some of the deepest betting options available.

For New Jersey residents, you can always find bets to place on Rutgers football, as the selection for NCCA betting is vast. And if that’s not your sport, you’ll find plenty of action around the New Jersey Devils as well. Regardless of which sport or which team you support, you can count on legal sports betting sites to have the action you’re looking for.

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting is the newest exciting addition to modern sports betting. The concept is pretty self-explanatory, referring to the act of placing bets once a contest has begun, during ‘live’ action. Traditionally, betting lines close before the start of events in question, meaning bettors aren’t able to engage with any developing action.

With live betting, however, developing action presents an entirely new avenue for wagers. Bettors can take advantage of shifting momentum or even predict comebacks. It really adds an entire dynamic to the betting experience, which no longer ends as the game starts. Live betting represents the future of legal sports betting, where experiences will only get deeper and more thrilling.

Do Legal New Jersey Online Sportsbooks Have Live Betting?

Absolutely. Any of the industry leading legal New Jersey sports betting sites that we recommend feature live-betting options. Sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and 5Dimes are always on the cutting edge of legal sports betting, so you can rest assured knowing they provide the best live-betting platforms available.

Can I Have More Than One Online Sportsbook Account?

Not only can you, but you probably should! Aside from opening up two accounts at a single sportsbook, which violates most places’ terms of use, having multiple accounts for sports betting is a wise move. Reason being, most sites will feature betting lines that vary a bit. So, if you’re looking for the absolute best betting lines for any event, it stands to reason that you’d want to shop around.

That’s not to say you should go out and create 30 accounts, but it’s certainly not a bad bet to have an account at each of the leading legal betting sites. Having accounts at top sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and 5Dimes will give the variety you need and provide you with the most informed online sports betting experience possible.

Betting On Horse Racing In New Jersey

Horse race betting is absolutely available in the state of New Jersey. Considered by many to be a leader of east coast horse racing, the state features several tracks, like the well-known Meadowlands Race Track, and many more off-track betting locations. There are also legal horse racing betting sites that residients can use.

The most popular off-track betting locations are in New Jersey’s notorious Atlantic City. Known as a hot-bed for general gambling, the area features the bulk of New Jersey’s off-track betting parlors.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In New Jersey

Daily Fantasy Sports are fully available in the state of New Jersey. Attracting both avid and casual sports bettors, daily fantasy contests have become the latest national craze. Instead of offering year-long competitions like traditional fantasy sports do, DFS moves the same thrilling fantasy action into a daily (or weekly) arena.

New Jersey residents have access to both FanDuel and DraftKings, which gives them a tough decision to make. As the two industry leaders, these two titans have nearly identical base offerings, but vary slightly in styling and structure. Largely a matter a preference, choosing between the two will likely come down to small variances in things like sign-up bonuses or gaming options. Nevertheless, both sites will offer you a supreme fantasy experience that forever changes the way you engage your favorite sports. | © 2019 | All Rights Reserved