Legal North Dakota Sports Betting Sites

Legal North Dakota sports betting sites have been available for residents of the Peace Garden State for nearly two decades through many are unsure on how to get started. With the use of these offshore betting sites, North Dakota residents and visitors are able to legally and safely wager on sporting events from all around the world. Even without the state being home to any professional sports teams and only having two Division 1 NCAA programs, sports still play a vital role in the Roughrider State’s view of entertainment.

Our goal is to provide you with an all-encompassing overview of the gambling laws for the state. We will cover the future legalization and regulation of sports betting, a look into the horse racing market, and a guide to the available daily fantasy options. Since the federal government overturned PASPA in May 2018, states are now eligible to create their own standards for sports betting and North Dakota is set to take full advantage. Reading this guide will allow you to understand where is the state currently is and where they are headed in regards to a state-run sportsbook market.

North Dakota Sports Betting Laws

Betting on sports in North Dakota at land-based facilities is considered against the law for the time being. According to Title 12 Chapter 1, sporting events are included in the list of gambling operations that are not permitted. The state does allow for sports pools to be held; however, the maximum wager is $25 and the pool must be for professional sports only. More information about social gambling can be found in North Dakota’s Century Code Title 53 Chapter 6.

Since the PASPA appeal, many states have been quick to introduce legislation for legal sports betting. North Dakota, though not one of the original states, still presented two measures in the 2019 legislative sessions to begin the discussion. ND House Bill 1254 has made the most advancement, being passed by the House. The Senate is likely to also view the measure favorably and legal sports betting will be offered both with land-based bookmakers and the offshore online counterparts. Even after ND goes forward with legislation, offshore betting sites will still provide the most convenient and advantageous betting options.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In North Dakota

The beginning of the discussion marks a major change in the gambling industry in North Dakota. While all of the regulations have not been set yet, we have the ability to estimate how the landscape will look. HB 1254 does not specify who will be granted licenses to control the sports betting market; however, we suggest that it will follow similar states’ actions and grant the first priority to the tribal casinos in the state. Since the state has no state-operated lottery, that option is immediately thrown out of the window.

House Bill 1254 will also permit wagering on both professional and collegiate sporting events. Some states have required sportsbooks to remove betting lines on local collegiate sporting teams; however, there is no mention of that in the bill’s text. Keep in mind that online betting sites are still legal in the state despite the state’s code against unlicensed gambling. That measure is to prevent sportsbooks from operating within state lines through unsafe bookmakers; however, using an offshore operated that is licensed from their home country is both safe and legal due to the fact that they are removed from US and ND jurisdiction.

Where To Legally Bet On Sports In North Dakota

Right now, legal North Dakota betting sites based offshore is the only option. Check out their promotions and reward programs as these benefits are better than any land-based casino’s rewards that you will find. Also, without locals pounding one side of the action, betting on North Dakota teams will provide more luxurious payouts. Online operators do not have much overhead, nor do they have to adjust the betting lines against the home team; therefore, your best option is to use these sites. The legitimate sites, who are located offshore and are licensed, are also known for reliable payouts and excellent customer service.

Line Shopping in North Dakota

Line shopping is one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the best odds you can for your sports bet. Line shopping involved “shopping” through multiple online sportsbooks (in this case it would be offshore online sportsbooks since North Dakota does not have in-state regulated online sportsbooks yet) and picking the best odds you can find.

If you want to place a bet on the North Dakota State Bison’s to win another FCS National Championship, then, if you have multiple offshore online sportsbook accounts, you can place at whichever online sportsbook will give you the best odds. That is why we recommend having multiple offshore online sportsbook accounts, so you can get the best winnings possible.

Funding Your Online Account In North Dakota

There are two different ways you can fund your online account in North Dakota. You can do it physically or online. Physically would mean you would go to your local sportsbook and deposit payment into your online account. This would require the physical sportsbook and an in-state regulated online sportsbook to make happen. North Dakota has neither of these, but there is another option. You can fund your online account online through a safe offshore online sportsbook. All you need to do is have an online account and you can deposit funds using a credit card, visa or debit card, or an electronic currency like Bitcoin. These deposit options may differ depending on the offshore online sportsbook you choose, but there will still be some great options to pick from. Offshore online sportsbooks are some of the most convenient forms of betting around, so things can work out well for North Dakota residents.

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  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
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  • MyBookie Sportsbook
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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In North Dakota

Betting in North Dakota requires an age of 21. Whether you wish to visit the casino or bet on sports with online operators, this is the required age to do so. Be advised that the offshore sites will allow players to join at 18; however, we suggest waiting until you are the state approved age of casino-gaming. This way, no matter how much you win, you cannot have your funds confiscated or be subject to underage gambling laws.

North Dakota Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use If You Live North Dakota?

There are no penalties according to state laws for using an online betting site in North Dakota. For personal information, the sites are equipped to handle privatized information and they encrypt their data no matter if you are browsing betting lines or adding your credit card information. These legal betting sites have been operable for years without any hacks or leaks.

Has Anyone Been Arrested For Sports Betting In North Dakota?

We have not found any gamblers who have been arrested for betting on sports in ND. Feel free to bet on the Bison or the Fighting Hawks without any fear from police officials. They have more important things to worry about and have no authority to take you in for wagering on your computer or phone.

What Is The Best Way To Fund Your North Dakota Sports Betting Account?

There are more ways to fund your account than there are miles of shoreline on Lake Sakakawea. Only kidding because that lake has more shoreline than all of California’s Pacific coast. All jokes aside, you can fund your account by using Bitcoin, credit cards, wire transfers, and other methods. Just check your site’s cashier page for more information.

What Should I Do If My Bank Didn’t Process My Credit Card Deposit?

This will happen as federal laws prevent banks from processing sportsbook transactions. Deposit with Bitcoin if you can; however, you can get around this law by using an international pre-paid gift card. Keep in mind that this federal law is targeting the operator of the book, not you, so have no fear when depositing on your account.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Phone In North Dakota?

All of the legal North Dakota betting sites we recommend come standard with a mobile betting page. There are no downloads required and each site will allow you to log in to their mobile-optimized webpage that gives the same features you would find on their computer-based one. You can be located in any of the 63 North Dakota wildlife refuges and still place your action.

Do Legal North Dakota Online Sportsbooks Have Live Betting?

Live betting comes standard with online betting sites as well and this is due to the fact that gamblers always want to be in the action. If the NDSU football team ever goes down early (yeah right, like that will happen), that would be the perfect time to place a wager on them to win. The odds may be in your favor and you can come across choices that weren’t even available before the game started.

Can I Have More Than One Online Sportsbook Account In North Dakota?

Sign yourself up for as many as you can process. They are all free to join and help you shop lines, looking for the best sports betting deals. Lewis and Clarke spent more time in North Dakota than any other state on their trip out west – don’t spend so much time on one site that you miss out on the promotions and benefits of being a member of multiple.

Betting On Horse Racing In North Dakota

Horse racing betting in North Dakota has been alive and well for some time now. Also known as pari-mutuel wagering, residents aged 21 (or 18 in some establishments) are able to bet on the ponies in a variety of ways. The North Dakota Racing Commission oversees the industry, which makes them in charge of licensing the tracks, making sure the trainers are following the regulations and posting events and news information. There are two live tracks in the state but there are a few dozen service providers that allow for simulcast wagering.

The “Little Track On The Prairie” title was granted to North Dakota Horse Park in Fargo. This track provides races all through July but it is the focus on the bigger track that makes horse racing in North Dakota different from the rest. The Chippewa Downs located in Belcourt is the prized track of the state and races all through June. This half-mile track is only $2.00 to get in and provide dining and beverage options for all guests. Any other laws regarding pari-mutuel wagering can be found in ND Century Code Title 53 Chapter 6.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In North Dakota

North Dakota is one of the minority of states that have failed to introduce any form of legislation regarding the status of DFS. The northern states around ND are part of that clique, who didn’t feel the need to legalize or regulate the industry. Don’t let this deter you from thinking that your options are done though, as operators are still active in the area.

Just because the state did not decide to tax it, doesn’t mean they consider it to be an illegal act. The main operators will provide contests (whether they are paid or free entry) that you can win money on without any fear of repercussions. Keep in mind that these businesses geolocate your position to ensure you are where you say you are – we mention this because neighboring Montana has outlawed DFS. Therefore, any trip across the border, or even if you are close to the Montana borderline, you will not be permitted to participate.