Legal Tennessee Sports Betting Sites

Because Tennessee has legalized sports gambling laws, legal Tennessee sports betting sites are more popular than ever. For decades, these websites have been servicing those who reside in Tennessee and all over the country who wants to place their bets on sports. And if you are reading this page, it is probably because you too are curious about these sports betting sites. This is truer now than ever because state-licensed sportsbooks are coming to Tennessee. This page is here to help answer some of the questions you may have.

With state-based sportsbooks coming to Tennessee in the upcoming months, you might be wondering how other legal Tennessee sports betting sites might be affected. You might also have some questions about the upcoming laws among other things. We will answer all of these questions and more, further below. By the end of the page, you will have a fuller understanding of what is going on in Tennessee and how you can get started betting on sports.

Tennessee Sports Betting Laws

There were plenty of sports betting bills being considered by lawmakers in Tennessee. Out of all of them, only one got passed and it gives us an idea of what betting on sports will look like in the state. TN HB 1 is the sports betting bill that became law. There are plenty of bills that floated around the United States, but this one was completely unique and is taking sports gambling in a new direction.

The Volunteer State will only have state-licensed online sportsbooks available in the state. This has not been done in other states. This is probably due to the fact that there are no casinos or other gambling facilities available in Tennessee. The state will be one of the only states to use official league data when it comes to live betting. This gives the league more power in Tennessee than any other states. There are also plenty of other rules and regulations that we will go through as we continue on this page. The main takeaway for you is that sports gambling will primarily be done online in a state-licensed sportsbook or one of our recommended online offshore sportsbooks.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Tennessee

As you might have guessed based on the laws that were passed, there is no issue about the legality of sports betting in Tennessee. Sports gambling is fully legal in the state. New sports betting laws mean that the Tennessee government fully recognizes sports gambling as a legal and safe hobby. The only issue would be if you used an unlicensed sportsbook or a bookie, which we do not recommend at all. Why would you use them? Sportsbooks are coming soon to Tennessee and you can use online offshore sportsbooks right now. Both of these methods are completely legal and are a much safer option than using a bookie.

Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Tennessee

As we have stated before, there are no land-based locations for you to head to make your sports bets. This can change though. Even though the initial rollout of sportsbooks in Tennessee will be online, there is a chance that land-based locations will pop up shortly afterward. Counties will have the option to vote for themselves if they want to bring in a retail location. That could take a while to accomplish, so your primary choices will be state-licensed and offshore online sportsbooks. The legal betting sites we recommend down below have been used by Tennessee residents for decades now and have years of experience ahead of the upcoming state-licensed sportsbooks. Plus, they will have better odds on the Tennessee Titans than state-based sportsbooks. Offshore sportsbooks are based out of the country, so there will be no user bias to influence the odds.

  • BetOnline Sportsbook
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  • SportsBetting Sportsbook
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  • MyBookie Sportsbook
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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Tennessee

The legal gambling age to bet on sports in Tennessee is now officially 21. Even though there are not much in the ways of gambling options available in Tennessee, lawmakers decided that 21 would be for the best. That means for online offshore sportsbooks, you will have to wait until you are 21 as well. It might be confusing why that is the case when you are allowed to sign up at 18, but we can explain it. The online sportsbooks we recommend often abide by local laws. Instead of risking underage gambling and getting yourself permanently banned from these websites, we suggest you wait until you are 21 to place a bet on the Memphis Grizzlies.

Tennessee Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use If You Live Tennessee?

Going to an online sportsbook to place your bets on the Titans is absolutely safe. Online sportsbooks have the best technology put in place so your information is safe and secure. They have never had a security breach in their decades of serving Tennessee residents. The online offshore sportsbooks that we recommend are likely to be much safer than the upcoming new state-licensed sportsbooks. If you want safe sports betting, go with sites like Bovada or SportsBetting.

Has Any Been Arrested For Sports Betting In Tennessee?

We can pretty much safely say that there hasn’t been anyone arrested for sports betting in Tennessee. And now that sports betting has been formally legalized, it is now basically impossible to be arrested for betting on sports. So long as you do not create an unlicensed sportsbook or use a bookie to make your bets, you will not be arrested for making a bet on your favorite teams. The online offshore sportsbooks we recommend are also still legal for you to use under the new laws, so don’t worry about that issue.

What Is The Best Way To Fund Your Tennessee Sports Betting Account?

There are plenty of options that are available to you. The easiest method that you have available is your master or debit cards. But the number one way we recommend you fund your account is to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Crypto is safe and secure and it is the quickest method to move money in and out of your account. Plus, there are plenty of bonuses that are available for you to take advantage of so you can make a bet on the Nashville Predators with some free money.

Do Tennessee Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On Football?

You can better believe that the betting sites you will find in Tennessee has odds on football. The Tennessee Titans are always a top contender to make it to the Playoffs and using online sportsbooks provide you a way to cheer on your home team. Tennessee-based online sportsbooks will for sure have odds on the Titans and all other football teams as well. Pick one of the sites we recommended you and watch the money flow as the Titans win their games.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Device In Tennessee?

Honestly, betting from your mobile device is going to be one of the only ways you bet on sports in Tennessee. This is due to the fact that TN HB 1 passed and it only authorizes online sportsbooks to be available at first. Other than the upcoming sportsbooks from the state, the online sportsbooks can easily be accessed using your mobile device. Not only that, but there are exclusive bonuses available for those who use their mobile device to make a bet. We highly recommend using your mobile device to place a bet on sports so you are not just bound to a computer.

Can I Have More Than One Online Sportsbook Account In Tennessee?

There is nothing preventing you from having more than one online sportsbook account in Tennessee. The question is, should you? We say yes. That is because signing up for these sites are absolutely free and you will be able to shop for the best odds with more than one account. If you want to win more money, then having more than one account is critical to doing so. Just remember, you can only have one sportsbook account per website. Having multiple accounts on one site goes against the terms of service and you could end up being banned from the sites.

What Is Shopping Lines?

Shopping lines are looking for the best odds on the team you are going to bet. If you are absolutely sure you want to bet on the Tennessee State Tigers, you need to find the best odds for the team. One sportsbook might have slightly better odds than the other and that could mean the difference between winning $50 or winning $100. The differences might not be that dramatic, but you will likely lose money if you bet on the first odds you see. Shopping lines by having multiple sportsbook accounts will help prevent that.

Betting On Horse Racing In Tennessee

Although there is a legal age where you can bet on the ponies, Tennessee is surprisingly lacking in the horse racing department. There actually no horse race tracks in the state. There isn’t even a site that allows you to bet on horse race simulcasts. What this sum up to meaning is that there is no land-based location for you to go to bet on horse races in the state. Although that is the case, the online sportsbooks that we often recommend to you double into being racebooks as well. It is a little doubtful that the upcoming state-licensed sportsbooks will have odds on horse races.

Even though there is no place to get into pari-mutual racing in the state, there are still plenty of laws that cover the issue. The Racing Control Act of 1987 was made to “encourage legitimate occupations and legitimate sporting events with pari-mutuel wagering in a manner of consistent with the health, safety, and welfare of the people.” The act goes into detail about what is and is not allowed. It also discusses how taxes involving horse races should be distributed as well. Although there are no horse tracks in the state, there is still a possibility that there could be one built in the future so it could be important to know about what is and is not allowed.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Tennessee

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is a trend that is sweeping the nation. With its paid contests, there are some states that are deciding if playing in these contests counts as gambling. There are also states that have regulated, have unregulated, or have straight out banned DFS due to this. Tennessee is a state where you can freely enjoy playing in DFS contests. Not only can you enjoy DFS in Tennessee, but you can also rest assured that there will be no malpractice by operators thanks to TN HB 511. This bill regulates DFS and it makes sure that residents of the states have the best protection from anyone who would benefit from creating a system that would screw over consumers. All this means is that you can go to DraftKings, FanDuel, or any of your other favorite DFS site to make some money off of these contests.