Legal Wisconsin Sports Betting Sites

Legal Wisconsin sports betting sites are something that Bucks fans and fans of other Wisconsin based teams love to use. However, if they’re trying to find odds listed in a Wisconsin casino then they are going to have to keep looking. The only casinos that operate in the Badger State are the ones that are signed with the state’s tribal compact, and in that agreement, betting on sports was not included. Over a year has passed since the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and yet neither state officials or Native American tribes have shown interest in expanding gaming operations to include an additional amenity for sports bettors.

However, there is no need to wait on them to make a move in order for you to legally place bets on your favorite teams in Wisconsin. That is because online offshore sportsbooks will be happy to accept players from almost every state in America and they’re able to do so because of laws like the ones in the Badger State. We’ll cover in detail all of the specific rules and guidelines for sports betting in Wisconsin as well as any future plans the state government may have on the subject. Afterward, you should be able to see why these are without a doubt the best legal Wisconsin sports betting sites available now. We’ll even discuss alternate forms of sports wagering such as horse race betting and daily fantasy sports.

Wisconsin Sports Betting Laws

Wisconsin sports betting laws are a bit clearer than one might think. When looking over the general gambling rules in the Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 562 you’ll find that horse race betting, casino gaming, and even charitable gaming such as bingo is allowed. As mentioned before, the only casinos that are allowed to operate are the ones that have signed with the state’s tribal compact. Details of that agreement can be found in Wisconsin Statute Chapter 569. If legislators were to allow sports betting to operate anywhere in the state they would more than likely the only host the activity at those locations. There is also a possibility that the tribes could just use their rights to offer sports betting, much like how New Mexico did.

However, in order to do that, lawmakers would have to amend the state constitution. While other states don’t mention sports at all, WI 945.03 explicitly points out that sports betting is not allowed to take place in the state. The important aspect to take away from this rule is that it is only enforced on individuals who place bets with unlicensed bookies and to online sports wagering sites that are based in other states. It does not specifically mention any consequences for using online offshore sportsbooks. That is why so many sports bettors from Wisconsin feel safe using our recommended list of legal sports betting sites.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Wisconsin

The legality of sports betting in Wisconsin will remain in a bit of a gray area until state officials deem otherwise. After PASPA was repealed in May of 2018, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos claimed that it would be a huge hurdle to change the state constitution but he would be open to talking about it. However, since then no Senator or House member has introduced a sports betting bill in their respective chamber. There are several other Midwestern states that have begun to introduce potential legislation or are looking at formally legalizing sports betting in the near future. Once Wisconsin lawmakers see the tax revenue collected by those states they may feel more of a sense of urgency to join in on the action.

Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Wisconsin

At the moment, those looking for where to legally bet on sports in Wisconsin will be able to do so from practically anywhere in the state. This may sound a bit odd given what we discussed in previous sections, but the truth of the matter is that online offshore sportsbooks can be accessed right from your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. They are available 24/7 as well so you don’t have to worry about them closing up shop like you would if there were land-based sportsbooks in Wisconsin. As long as you have an internet connection it won’t matter if you’re tailgating outside the stadium, watching the game from home, or even on a dairy farm, you’ll be in a good spot to legally bet on sports in Wisconsin. If sportsbooks were to be formally legalized in Wisconsin, they would most likely be in the state’s tribal casinos. Until then, sports betting in Wisconsin happens on the internet.

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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Wisconsin

The only way to determine the legal age to bet on sports in Wisconsin is to look at current sports gambling laws. Sure, you can play bingo and participate in raffles when you turn 18, but to go to a casino, you must be 21 years or older. Because sportsbooks in Wisconsin is likely going to be put in casinos and we want to err to the side of caution, we are going to say the legal age to bet on sports in the state is 21 years old. Even though online offshore sportsbooks allow you to sign up at 18, they abide by local laws to determine if you are old enough to make a bet. The only way to make sure you are old enough is to wait until you are 21. Once that happens, there is no chance you are gambling underage and you will not get into any trouble for placing a bet.

Wisconsin Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use If You Live Wisconsin?

Yes, but only if you are using the ones we have recommended on this page. The Wisconsin state laws explicitly prohibit anyone from placing a bet within state lines. However, since these transactions are happening over the internet and are being processed in a country where sports betting is legal, you will not get into any trouble. In fact, many states are having trouble setting up mobile wagering due to server locations. Using our online offshore sportsbooks is completely safe and legal to do so. These sites have successfully protected user data for well over a decade.

What Is The Best Way To Fund Your WI Sports Betting Account?

That all depends on how much you’re looking to deposit and how soon you need those funds to be accepted. If you happen to see the odds jump in the Packers favor and their next game is only a couple of days away then you’ll want to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to make a deposit since it does not have to go through banks and can be deposited in 24 hours or less. There are also exclusive bonuses available for crypto users and it is the overall best method to handle funds on your account. However, if you are making a large futures bet for Green Bay to win the Superbowl way in advance of the season and prefer old school methods of payments then you can do so through a wire transfer. It is best to contact your sportsbook cashier and ask for an estimated time of arrival for each method and what the varying minimum and maximum deposits are.

Do Wisconsin Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On The Packers?

As one of the oldest and most storied franchises in the entire NFL, the Green Bay Packers are of course going to have odds on every major online sportsbook site in Wisconsin. These odds can be found before the season in the form of future bets during the season in the form of moneylines, spreads, totals, props, parlays, and more. But it's not just the Packers. There are odds on all NFL teams and a large majority of NCAA teams. If you are a fan of football and you want to earn some cash, our recommended online sportsbooks have you covered.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Phone In WI?

Sports fans can most certainly bet from their mobile phone in Wisconsin. All of the top online offshore sportsbooks offer a mobile-optimized version of their site so that viewing odds from your smartphone is just as intuitive as using a desktop computer. Some legal betting sites even offer apps that you can download straight off their site. It is possible that if sportsbooks are legalized in Wisconsin, there will be mobile betting apps. But tribes have a track record against mobile wagering, so you shouldn’t count on it. Thankfully, the online offshore sportsbooks exist to fill that role. The next time you’re having a good time at Badgers tailgate and want to place a bet, just reach into your pocket or purse and feel free to do so.

Do Legal Wisconsin Online Sportsbooks Have Live Betting?

Yes, legal Wisconsin online sportsbooks do have live betting. If you’ve ever been to a Bucks game and thought to yourself that the game was getting to be a bit predictable, then you’re not alone. But, instead of seeing this as a boring game, you could see this as a great way to bet on the game in real time and win big on your predictions. All the best online offshore sportsbooks offer a live betting feature so you can do just that. Better yet, they even offer it on mobile devices. Live betting adds a lot of excitement to an ongoing game and it presents more opportunities to win more cash. All of the online sportsbooks we recommend offer live betting, so we suggest you check it out.

Can I Bet On College Football In Wisconsin?

You can absolutely bet on college football in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Badgers have positioned themselves as a force to be reckoned in the Big 10 for some time now. With that success comes the question of whether or not fans can bet on college football in Wisconsin. While some states prohibit bettors from putting their money on their home team, online offshore sportsbooks will offer odds for the Badgers along with almost every other major college football program in the nation.

Betting On Horse Racing In Wisconsin

Betting on horse racing in Wisconsin is a perfectly acceptable activity from both the perspective of the fans and of state officials. The Wisconsin Statute Chapter 562defines all of the rules, regulations, and procedures that go into horse racing operations and pari-mutuel betting. The chapter even discusses the rules that go into dog-racing, which Wisconsin is one of the few states to even allow such a thing. But as far as betting on the ponies go, the only place you’ll be able to do so is at the track itself and only if you are 18 years old or older. Off-track betting is prohibited, which can provide an inconvenience for some avid pari-mutuel bettors, but the tracks located in Wisconsin such as Angel Park Speedway and Wilmot Raceway are a fun experience in their own right.

If for some reason you can’t make it to these tracks and are still hungry to get in on the action, you can visit any of the top online sports betting sites. These sites come with a racebook that sure to suit all off your pari-mutuel betting needs. Whether you want to bet on the races happening in Wisconsin that day or you want to bet on the Kentucky Derby thousands of miles away, you’ll be able to do so. Not only from the United States, but you will be able to bet on races happening around the world. If you love horse races, using online sportsbooks is the best way for you to bet on the ponies.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Wisconsin

Chances are, you have probably overheard co-workers or friends talk about their daily fantasy sports (DFS) league in Wisconsin. Better yet, you may be part of a league of your own. If so, you should know that you are doing so in a 100 percent legal manner. A couple of years ago bill in the Wisconsin Senate showed up in order to regulate paid-entry fantasy sports. The bill was titled WI S 436 however, it never made it out of the legislative chamber. This left DFS operators to keep accepting Wisconsin residents in an unregulated matter.

While this may seem scary, it only means that these companies do not have to pay the state taxes or fees for doing business within the borders of the Badger State. Not having these additional costs has led to every major DFS site, including DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo Sports, to continue to operate in the state. The sites provide an excellent way for members of a social group or office to get paid for their extensive knowledge of players in the sport they choose to start their league in. If you are a fan of DFS, chances are, you will be a fan of a legal sports betting site as well.