Legal Wyoming Sports Betting Sites

When looking for legal Wyoming sports betting sites you may not have to look as far as you might think. The sports scene in the Cowboy state is a bit barren since the state lacks any professional teams, but that doesn’t stop residents from wanting to take action on games played throughout the country. Wyoming has shown its openness to gambling and state lawmakers have provided their residents with almost every legal form there is. However, even after the repeal of PASPA, no one in the state House or Senate has introduced a bill to regulate the activity. But, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t already a plethora of legal sports betting sites in Wyoming right now that are operating unregulated.

While this term may scare people, it actually comes as a benefit to sports bettors. The legal betting sites that accept Wyoming residents now are online offshore sportsbooks, and they have been serving members of the state for years. The fact that they are unregulated actually allows them to offer more odds on more teams than any traditional land-based sports betting venue ever could. We’ll go over the laws concerning wagering on sports in Wyoming to explain how they are able to provide this service, as well as discuss alternate forms of gambling on sports such as horse racing and daily fantasy contests.

Wyoming Sports Betting Laws

The Wyoming sports betting laws are as clear as they come. While other states fail to include sports in their gambling laws, Wyoming Statue 6-7-101 defines gambling to include wagering on a sporting event and prohibits it from occurring within the state’s borders. This is a bit surprising given the fact that almost every other form of gambling is permitted. Of course, they allow for charitable gambling such as bingo and raffles for non-profit organizations. Licensed horse racing tracks also exist in the state and residents are able to place pari-mutuel bets on them. Casinos are allowed, but can only be operated by Native American tribes. The tribes are able to provide Class III gaming to the public which includes slot machines, table games, and other traditional forms of gaming. Wyoming is also one of the few states that still allows for betting on dog races and has provisions set up to explicitly allow social betting such as private sports pools.

However, the important take away upon reading the state laws is that nowhere does it mention any penalties for placing bets with an offshore online sportsbook. These transactions happen over the internet and the businesses are operated outside of the state’s legal purview. This makes them able to bypass any individual state law, and because there are no penalties set up for individual sports bettors it makes it able for you to feel safe when using these sites.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Wyoming

The legality of sports betting in Wyoming continues to remain in a gray area. When it comes to opening your own sportsbook and taking in bets, punishments will be enforced. The same could be said for people who actively place wagers with a local bookie. However, by using online offshore sportsbooks not only are you avoiding state laws entirely, but you’re also within you’re right when it comes to federal laws. The Wire Act only stops people from using an online sports betting site that is operated in another state but can not stop anyone from using a sports wagering site that’s operated in another country entirely. While there has been talk of regulating the activity in the Cowboy State, no one has brought forth legislation to do so, leaving these offshore books as the only legal betting sites for Wyoming residents.

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Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Wyoming

As mentioned before, the only place to legally bet on sports in Wyoming is online. However, if state lawmakers ever wanted to grant the ability for tribal casinos to open up their own sportsbooks like other state’s have, you would likely see venues such as Little Wind Casino and Wind River Hotel & Casino begin to accept sports wagers. Both properties are located on the Wind River Reservation, providing them with the ability to already offer Class III gaming. Since that type of gaming has been defined by the Federal Register to include sports wagering, it is only a matter of time before they vouch to include this additional amenity at their locations.

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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Wyoming

Since land-based sports gambling is not allowed by law, the legal age to bet on sports in Wyoming is not defined. However, there are other gambling ages to use as a reference. The required age to gamble in the state’s casinos is 21 and up, and this is also the age that states with authorized sports betting have chosen to abide by. Legal online betting sites in Wyoming will accept players as young as 18 years old, but we suggest that you stick with the highest age set by the state. This will help to avoid any possible trouble down the line.

Wyoming Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use If You Live Wyoming?

Yes, but only if those online sportsbooks are based in countries overseas. This comes from two reasons, the first being that WY state laws explicitly prohibit taking in bets or placing bets with local bookies. The second being that federal laws don’t allow for residents of one state to use the online betting site of another state. However, simply placing wagers with online offshore sports betting sites avoids the jurisdiction of both the state government and federal government.

What Is The Best Way To Fund Your WY Sports Betting Account?

Without a doubt, it has to be through the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. When it comes to speed of the deposit reaching your account and the maximum amount that you can deposit, it is unmatched. Traditional methods like credit cards can be used, but your Wyoming bank or card issuer may deny your deposit. Since towns are a bit spread out in Wyoming it may be inconvenient for you to drive all the way to your bank to try and resolve the issue. That’s why we recommend using cryptocurrencies because they don’t have to pass through banking institutions at all.

Do WY Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On Collegiate Sports?

Absolutely, and while some state’s with legal sports betting have prohibited allowing their residents to bet on their home schools, online sports betting sites will allow you to bet on any team in any state. You may be able to find odds for the University of Wyoming’s football team depending on the magnitude of the event.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Phone In Wyoming?

Online sports betting sites understand that you can’t always be near a computer in order to place your bets. That’s why each of them has provided their users with a mobile-friendly version of their site, which offers the same features of the desktop version but easier to see on your smaller screen. Some also offer apps that you can download straight from their site. Whether you’re on the go or you’re visiting Yellowstone national park, as long as you have internet service you can bet from your smartphone in Wyoming.

Do Legal WY Online Sportsbooks Have Live Betting?

Yes, and the feature makes every game all the more exciting. That’s because with live betting you can place a wager on events happening within the game as it plays out in real time. If you think the Cowboys are going to make a first down then can bet on it. If you believe they’re going to get another interception you can bet on that too. Legal WY online sportsbooks that have live betting continuously update their odds so you have to be quick in order to make the most of any game you’re watching.

Can I Have More Than One Online Sportsbook Account In Wyoming?

Having more than one online sportsbook account in Wyoming is allowed and actually encouraged. Not every sports betting site available in WY provides the exact same odds so it’s in your best interest to shop lines and find the bets you’re most confident in or provide the highest payouts. One site may have the Cowboys listed as +120 underdogs while another has them listed at +150 so you’ll have the option to win more on one site if they win the game.

Betting On Horse Racing In Wyoming

When it comes to betting on Horse Racing in Wyoming you can find multiple venues across the state. For those living in the Southwestern part of the state there is the Wyoming Downs Race Track and for those living on the opposite side of the state near Cheyenne, WY, there is also a Wyoming Downs race course. For those looking to bet on the ponies in the Northeast part of the state, there is Gillette Horse Palace, an off-track betting shop that allows patrons to wager on simulcast racing events. It is up to the Pari-Mutuel Commission in Wyoming to monitor these venues and make sure that they comply with state laws. One of those laws including making sure that no underage betting happens at these facilities. The legal age to bet on horses in Wyoming is only 18 years old, which makes it highly accessible.

This is also the same age required to use an online racebook provided by the same online sports betting sites that residents in Wyoming use. These racebooks provide a chance to bet on not only races happening in inside WY, but races happening all over the world. To add to that, they also provide these books on your mobile device so you can place your pari-mutuel wagers wherever you are.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Wyoming

As we mentioned before, Wyoming is one of the few states that explicitly allows for social betting and it doesn’t get more social than daily fantasy sports. Whether you’re starting a league with your co-workers, family, or friends, you can do so in Wyoming through all the major DFS sites. FanDuel, DraftKings, and Yahoo Sports are all active in the Cowboy State and currently operate unregulated. This essentially means that they do not have to pay fees or taxes to do business in the state’s borders. This makes it an attractive market for them to tackle and make it easier to serve Wyoming players. State officials have yet to even introduce a bill that would include provisions for paid-entry fantasy contests and it doesn’t seem as though they will in the near future. Many states across the US have also taken this stance as doing so may require more legislative effort than it is worth. For now, you can feel free to create a fantasy league when NFL season comes around or for other sports as well. It makes watching games all the more fun and provides a big incentive to keep up with the sport of your choice.