Legal Colorado Sports Betting Sites

As sports betting spreads across the United States, Colorado is not yet a state that has land-based sports betting. But that doesn’t mean there is no action to be seen in the Centennial State, as legal Colorado sports betting sites are quite popular. Colorado has a large number of teams that they can be proud to bet on. With Denver residing in Colorado, teams like the Nuggets in the NBA and the Broncos in the NFL make their homes here. With such powerful teams residing in the state, there is no way that residents are not getting into the sports betting action.

Although there are no land-based options available, Colorado betting sites are abundant. All you have to do is access an online offshore sportsbook and you can bet on the big Nuggets game. As you read the page, we get into further detail on what you can and cannot do on these websites. Discussion about the current legal landscape in Colorado will also help you understand what the future of sports wagering will look like in the state. Knowing the laws will also provide insight into what you can and cannot do while you are in Colorado. By the end, you will have all the knowledge you need to use legal Colorado sports betting sites.

Colorado Sports Betting Laws

Unfortunately, there are no laws that allow for sports wagering to take place in Colorado. Colorado has a number of laws that relate to gambling though. An interesting law that the state has is if you are in a casino and you keep money that you have found on the ground, you are in violation of the state’s gaming law. There are also laws that allow for you to have social gaming. This means that if you are placing bets with a friend of yours who is in a “bona fide social relationship” with you, you can have fun and place your bets with them. That means you can bet on the big Colorado Avalanche game together.

As you can see, there are some options left open for residents in Colorado. Colorado’s laws do not address the issue in regards to online gambling. Without any laws to say it is illegal, that leaves the door wide open for bettors to use. If you are in Colorado and you want to make a bet on the upcoming Nuggets game, you can visit an offshore online sportsbook and you can place your bets there. These offshore sportsbooks operate outside of the United States and they are the industry leaders for online sportsbooks. You can safely use these websites to place your wagers on the Nuggets without worrying if you are breaking the law or not. This is going to be your only option in Colorado for a while because there is no legislation being considered that would legalize land-based sports betting.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In Colorado

There are certain factors that go into the legality of sports betting in Colorado. Sadly, land-based sportsbooks are considered illegal in the state. That means that any of the casinos that you can go to or any gaming facility will not have sportsbooks available. Using a bookie is also illegal and the best way for you to end up on the wrong side of the law. Looking at Colorado law will help us figure out how the state views gambling and how it could affect the future of sports wagering.

Colorado Statutes Article 10 defines gambling as “risking money or any other thing of value for gain contingent in whole or part upon lot, chance or the happening or outcome of an event over which the person taking risk has no control.” As for sports betting, this can be interpreted in two ways. The first way is that since the outcome of a game is out of a bettors hand, it is considered gambling. The other way is that since the bettor chooses a team based on past results, that is a skill and it does not fall under gambling. Depending on how lawmakers view sports betting, it can affect how future sports betting laws will look like.

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Where To Legally Bet On Sports In Colorado

But the other side of the coin in Colorado is that there are options available for you. Using online offshore sportsbooks is completely legal and you will not get in trouble if you use these options. So, Broncos fans don’t have to worry about betting on their games. The same goes for collegiate games. If you want to bet on the Colorado Rams next big game, then you are in luck. Offshore sportsbooks will give you the best odds on Colorado games so you can win the most more money than you would have otherwise.

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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Colorado

When you turn 18 in Colorado, you can feel free to take part in the lottery and play bingo for cash. The age for other forms of gambling in the state is 21. Although you are allowed to access and use offshore sportsbooks when you are 18, it is probably best to wait until you are 21 in this case. Offshore sportsbooks comply with local laws for when they allow you to access their websites. If you make a mistake and it turns out you were too young to make your sports bets, you will lose your winnings and get banned from the website. Waiting until you are 21 is the safest bet for you.

Colorado Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use If You Live Colorado?

Online sportsbooks are the safest option you have if you live in Colorado. One of the reasons why it is the safest option is because there are no land-based options currently available for you. Using an unknown land-based option can get you in trouble in more ways than one. Also, online sportsbooks use cutting edge technology to ensure that your information that you put in is secure. That way, you do not have to worry about someone potentially accessing your banking information.

Has Any Been Arrested For Sports Betting In Colorado?

As far as we know, there hasn’t been any arrest made in Colorado regarding sports betting. The laws that Colorado has in place isn’t made to prosecute bettors, but they are there to punish those operating illegal sportsbooks. The only way you can possibly get arrested for sports betting in the state is if you decide to use a bookie. Bookies can be under the watch of the police and if you are caught using one, you will lose more money than you would have won through the bet. So long as you do not go for that option, you are not going to bet arrested.

What Is The Best Way To Fund Your Colorado Sports Betting Account?

If you are using one of our suggested offshore online sportsbooks while you are in Colorado, the best method to fund your account is through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Using a cryptocurrency is not only safe, but it is also the fastest method to get your money in and out of your accounts. If a big Nuggets game is coming up and you need to quickly get your money into your account, then using a cryptocurrency is your best bet. It is also the fastest way to withdraw your winnings when the Nuggets win.

Do Colorado Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On Football?

Broncos fans can now rejoice because Colorado sports betting sites have all the odds on their games. There are a couple of offshore sportsbooks we recommend, so you can shop around and see who is giving the Broncos the best odds. Once you find the best odds, you can go ahead and place your bets on the Broncos and reap in the rewards of your winnings.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Phone In Colorado?

You can bet from your mobile device while you are in Colorado. Since there are no state-licensed sportsbooks right now, you can access one of your favorite Colorado betting sites to place your bets on the big Colorado Rams game. The offshore sportsbooks have web apps available, meaning that these websites are optimized for your mobile device. So, you can get the full Colorado sports betting experience when you use your phone to place your bets. These websites also become optimize for your tablets as well.

Can I Have More Than One Online Sportsbook Account In Colorado?

Not only you can have more than one online sportsbook account in Colorado, you probably should. If you want to bet on the Nuggets, you are going to want to get the most winnings as you possibly can. If you use just one website, then you are stuck with the odds they give you. Although they will give you the best odds you can offer, another website might offer you even better odds on the Nuggets. If are confident on betting on the Nuggets and want the most bang for your bet, then you should have more than one account ready to go.

Betting On Horse Racing In Colorado

Colorado horse racing is just a little bit different than most other states. In most other states in the country, you can start betting on horse races when you turn 18. That restriction is higher in Colorado. You have to wait until you are 21 to bet on horses while you are in this state. The state offers live horse tracks for you to go to and place your horse race bets. You can place exotic bets or you can place straight bets as well. There are a number of ways for you to get into the horse racing action in Colorado.

In 2003, off-track simulcasts on horse races were permitted and out of state simulcasts were permitted as well. That means that more horse race options became available for residents in Colorado. You can go to one of the horse tracks in Colorado and place your wager on any horse race that is happening in the country. But you can also do that online as well. Your favorite offshore sportsbooks all will have racebooks available as well. That means you have absolutely limitless options when it comes to horse racing in Colorado.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In Colorado

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is an increasingly popular way to get into sports. Thankfully, operators like DraftKings and FanDuel both operate in Colorado. Even smaller DFS sites are fully operational in Colorado. Back in 2016, the state passed CO HB 16-1404 which legalized and regulated DFS for the state. Some of the regulations that Colorado demanded operators to abide by are: not to use devices that replicates or qualifies as limited gaming, submitting a fingerprint-based criminal history record check in connection with initial licensure, and keeping daily records of its operations and maintain the records for at least three years. It seems like DFS operators gladly accepted these rules because DFS is really popular in Colorado. So, if you are a resident in Colorado, you can get your friends together and put together a contest for you to compete in. | © 2019 | All Rights Reserved