Legal North Carolina Sports Betting Sites

Fans of the Tarheels and the Blue Devils may butt heads on most issues, but one thing they can agree on is the option for NC residents to safely use legal North Carolina sports betting sites. These offshore bookmakers provide everything you need in an operator, from safe and reliable wagering platforms to decades of experience in the game and promotional offers that nearby land-based casinos can’t even come close to offering. The most reputable sites have no problems when it comes to paying out their winners in a timely fashion, and they have given North Carolina players the most convenient betting options over the past several years.

You may be wondering how any of this might change after the successful appeal of PASPA (the federal sports betting ban that was overturned in 2018) and what these betting sites will become now that North Carolina has the ability to regulate their own industry. Well, in short, even with legislators potentially bringing forth a legal sports betting industry to North Carolina, it will not affect the capabilities of NC players when it comes to enjoying and taking advantage of everything these tried-and-true, long-running offshore books have to offer. The legality surrounding these offshore sites, and those deal with the general gambling laws of the state, were the reasons we made this NC wagering guide. Our goal is to ensure that you are fully comfortable understanding the basics of the sports betting market before traveling out of state or waiting on state legislators to move forward with legalization. At the end of this guide, you should know your definitive rights when it comes to betting on sports in North Carolina.

North Carolina Sports Betting Laws

North Carolina has been aggressively against gambling in general since before the American Revolution. Even in 1749, the state introduced a law that made gambling in public illegal and even capped off the potential losses for players. Fast forward nearly 300 years later and not much has changed. The state has no commercial casinos or even racetracks to offer pari-mutuel wagering. With only two Native American-operated casinos in the state, it is safe to say that NC will be one of the last states to implement sports betting legalization.

The North Carolina General Statutes explain that gambling is considered an unlawful act, classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor. You can read about NC’s gambling laws in § 14-292 (Article 37) here.

These laws have the ability to change after the Supreme Court ruled in favor to overturn PASPA (the federal law that outlawed all state-run sportsbooks outside of Nevada). However, even without any changes, sports betting can still be done by using the aforementioned offshore betting sites. Just keep in mind that in order in begin playing safely and legally, you must use a sportsbook that is located offshore and has oversight from a regulatory body from their country.

The Legality Of Sports Betting In North Carolina

Just because the state has been heavily anti-gambling in the past doesn’t mean they will stay this way forever. In fact, legislators from both the North Carolina House and Senate introduced similar bills that would permit sports wagering on tribal lands for the 2019 session. This is the first and only time the state has opened the discussion about building the industry in the state. 2019 NC HB 302 would look to include sports wagering as the 5th section of permitted Class III games that the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians could offer at their Harrah’s casinos. SB 154 is the Senate version of this same bill, and HB 929 is a bill that seeks to establish the North Carolina Gaming Commission (which is viewed as a necessary step to getting statewide land-based and mobile sports betting up and running). While none of these bills has passed yet, it is likely that they – or bills very much like them – will pass in the near future.

The exclusivity of the tribal casinos to offer sports wagering comes standard, as this is the state-tribal agreement in line with the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, which ensures all casino gaming is held on NC tribal grounds only. Any talks of a mobile betting platform will likely come directly from the tribe’s request, as the state may not be able to issue an online platform without renegotiating the original compact.

In the meantime, you should look to use the legal North Carolina betting sites that will continue to offer the best sports betting services to NC players. If and when NC legislators move forward with the above measures, the best betting lines will still be found online, as the local sportsbooks will be overrun by residents only betting on one side of any given matchup in favor of the home team.

Where To Legally Bet On Sports In North Carolina

The two tribal casinos that would be granted sports betting exclusivity – should that be the ultimate route the state takes – are located in Cherokee and Murphy. Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River is the more relaxed, laid-back setting, while the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is the more upscale venue in the mountains. These casinos are located in Western North Carolina on opposite sides of the Nantahala National Forest. It will be a great destination for those who live in Knoxville, Chattanooga, or Atlanta, but these venues will not provide many benefits for North Carolina gamblers in the whole of the state. In short, if you do not live west of Asheville, your options are limited to using offshore betting sites or driving to West Virginia.


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BetOnline is firmly the #2 sportsbook in North Carolina, which means it should be the #2 book in your repertoire. BetOnline offers a mobile and desktop betting experience, and it features sports from all around the world. Where BetOnline really shines, though, is in its deposit and withdrawal options. The site accepts over a dozen different banking options (we recommend Bitcoin first and foremost), and new members who sign up now can get up to $1000 in free plays added to their wallets by using code “BOL1000” when making their first deposits.

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Legal Age To Bet On Sports In North Carolina

The casino gaming laws in North Carolina prevent anyone under 21 from participating in activities at or around casinos. Players will even be asked to present identification if they don’t appear to be of age or are under 30. The sports betting age requirement will likely fall in line with this established regulation due to the fact that legislators are including this form of gaming as Class III. Keep in mind that offshore betting sites will allow for players aged just 18 years old to sign up and play; however, we recommend waiting until you are of the state’s gambling age. This way, no matter what happens, you can collect your winnings and properly claim them without facing any hurdles whatsoever.

Why Should I Shop Lines At Legal North Carolina Sportsbooks?

Shopping lines is the quickest, best way to get a significant gambling edge right off the bat when you start out with your sports betting hobby. Different books compete with each other for your business, after all, and that means that they’ll have different lines on the same events. If you’re betting on a Panthers game and you see that Bovada has them as +185 underdogs while SportsBetting has them at +220, you’d be leaving a ton of money on the table by taking that wager at Bovada. Similarly, if you’re placing a bet on a UNC game and they’re sitting at -135 on the point spread at one site but -115 at another, you’d take the latter every time. Sometimes there’s not much difference between books, and other times there is substantial money to be made. That’s why you should always shop lines when wagering at an offshore NC betting site.

What Are The Best Deposit And Withdrawal Methods At NC Betting Sites?

The best deposit and withdrawal methods at NC betting sites will depend entirely on your needs. If you want to get a few dollars loaded up immediately, you can use a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card at most sites. However, these have small limits. High rollers might need to transfer huge sums of money, in which case bank wires are the right call. However, bank wires – as well as other traditional methods like checks, money orders, and so on – all take several days to clear. If you need to wager immediately, these aren’t your best choices. Payouts via these mechanisms also take one to two weeks. If you want high limits, speedy deposits, and same-day payouts, the banking option for you is Bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency like Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Stellar, or another supported altcoin. Each NC betting site takes different cryptos.

North Carolina Sports Betting FAQ's

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe To Use If You Live North Carolina?

There are no laws against using a legal North Carolina betting site. These offshore sportsbooks have years of experience and are a safer option than Michael Jordan when the game is on the line. The sites also encrypt their data when you make deposits and wagers, making your information safe on the web. Nobody’s ever been arrested – or even fined or cited – for wagering on sports at offshore books in North Carolina.

What Should I Do If My Bank Didn't Process My Credit Or Debit Card Deposit?

If your credit card didn’t process, check your spending limit. Only joking! If this actually happens (it’s pretty rare), the cause is likely a federal law known as the UIGEA. Fortunately, this is a banking regulation and has nothing to do with you, but calling the cashier will fix the situation. If you have Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, consider using that to fund your account, instead, as this sidesteps the UIGEA altogether. If you wish, you can also visit a Harris Teeter or Food Lion and purchase an international pre-paid Visa gift card. These work just as well for funding your NC sports betting account.

Do North Carolina Sports Betting Sites Have Odds On Football?

Yes! In fact, these sites have odds on pretty much everything you can think of, from football, basketball, and soccer to baseball and even snooker and darts! There are no shortages of wagers and betting lines that North Carolina sports betting sites offer. It doesn’t matter if you like the Heels, Devils, Panthers, Pirates, Wolfpack, Demon Deacons, or 49ers, there will be options for you at every top offshore book.

Can I Bet From My Mobile Phone In North Carolina?

Every reputable sportsbook offers a mobile platform that you can log in to without needing to download an app. Nothing is better than sitting on the mile-high summit at Mount Mitchell State Park on a warm spring day reviewing the lines and submitting your wagers in the fresh air. Just make sure you keep a stable Internet connection, or you’ll really be taking a hike!

Do Legal North Carolina Online Sportsbooks Have Live Betting?

Live betting is offered on all of the sportsbooks that we recommend. It is accessible on both the computer-based and mobile betting platforms for the legal betting sites and makes gambling even more exciting. Where were you on October 21, 2018? You may not remember, but some lucky fans do, as they bet on the Panthers to win after being down 17-0 to the Eagles at the end of the third quarter and hit the megabucks! Options like this make you stay tuned in to many different games, and when the outcome looks bleak, that’s often the time to pounce for maximum payouts.

Can I Have More Than One Online Sportsbook Account In North Carolina?

North Carolina players are actually encouraged to sign up for multiple sportsbooks. A prime reason is the ability to shop lines across the different bookmakers. Take a UNC/DUKE game for example. Some sites may favor the Heels, while the other favors the Devils. These discrepancies make for earning (or saving) a lot of extra money. You can also get different bonuses at different sites, which can add substantially to your bankroll.

Betting On Horse Racing In North Carolina

As mentioned earlier, betting on the ponies in North Carolina is against the law. Unfortunately, the state hosts multiple Thoroughbred horse tracks that put on events and races, but there is no land-based option to bet on them. Also known as pari-mutuel wagering, betting on horses has been banned in the state since the pre-American Revolution law that outlawed all forms of gaming. Discussions were held in the 1970s to potentially introduce North Carolina to a legal pari-mutuel wagering industry; however, the discussions never made it into serious consideration.

For betting on horses, your only option is to use the offshore betting sites that double down as racebooks as well.

These legal betting sites will allow you to wager on events from all over the world. However, even though dozens of national and international tracks are represented, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by all of the options, as the Triple Crown betting odds and odds on horse races in the US are also available without having to do much searching. Also remember to check out your racebook’s rebates and promotions for the best deals.

The Status Of Daily Fantasy Sports In North Carolina

North Carolina has more of a grey area when it comes to the daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry. This stems from legislators attempting to pass a measure to legalize and regulate the industry, though it never took off. 2017’s HB 279/SB 589 were the two measures presented on the floor. These would have required DFS operators to purchase a license to operate in the state, which would have sent tax contributions to NC coffers. Unfortunately, the bill never passed.

However, even without passage, there are no laws against participating with a DFS operator. Most of the top DFS brands – like DraftKings and FanDuel – provide their games and contests in the state, and there is no limit to the types or amounts of games that you can join. Whether the contest is paid or unpaid, between you and a small group of friends or you and thousands of others, you will be able to legally participate. (It is important to know that the DFS companies geolocate your position to ensure they are not breaking any laws. We say this because traveling across state lines may influence your ability to play. Virginia, for example, does not accept every DFS operator.)